my ukulele

One of the things I do frequently is help people learn to use their new and terrifying iPad. This scary device is often given to older adults as a way to stay in touch with family. The other day I was helping Margie, and when we finished I mentioned I played the ukulele. She walked over to a shelf by her piano, produced a ukulele and we sat side by side on her piano bench where she played by ear whatever I could produce on the uke. It was the most fun I’d had in ages.

There’s an open space below for your first 50 words on the topic “fun” or on some topic suggested by the image.


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Fun”

  1. It used to be that having fun meant doing things. Now in old age, as with so much else, fun is redefined. Fun is being with friends. Fun is having lunch together. Fun is dialoguing with each other. Fun is challenging each other Fun is laughing, commiserating, supporting one another. Fun is more being than doing. But the rewards are the same though. Fun is good for the body, the soul.

  2. Stages of our lives present fun in different degrees. Remember being a youngster and running freely, giggling, laughing. We enjoyed everything mostly because we weren’t laden down with responsibilities. Then throughout the school years we had fun with friends of similar natures. We had fun learning about a new subject, a new talent, and certainly all the fun that comes with “puppy love.” We were excited about our lives unfolding. We weren’t jaded yet about life. Fun comes in so many ways: laughing at our new baby giggling; laughing at something silly with our lovers; laughing with co-workers over some crazy career burp. Fun is what keeps us going. Fun is what keeps us sane. Fun is whatever you want it to be. The opportunity for fun changes but during our lifetimes we always continue to seek it. If we lost our urge for fun, we would be a sorry lot.

  3. “Come on it is fun?”
    “Fun? Have you ever been on the other side of one of those conversations?”
    “All too often. That is why I started.”
    “That is totally uncool. Are you telling me you enjoy being a troll on the internet?”
    “Better than being trolled on the internet.”
    “I might have to stop being friends with you.”
    “Over this?”
    “We get the future we make. You slipped over the edge, into creating a future that sucks.”
    “Oh relax, it is only a bit of fun.”
    “For you now. How did it feel when someone did it to you?”

  4. I picked up my satchel and made for the door. I had seen enough, heard plenty.
    “Why are you leaving?” She grabbed my shoulder strap,the bag dropped to the floor.
    “I don’t like it,that’s why.”
    “It is just for fun. A ritual of passage.A way of getting introduced.”
    I looked around me. A girl,evidently out of her home for the first time,was standing against the wall, holding an invisible Mike, another tried to sing a Hindi song into it, tripping over the lyrics in the alien language. The band of seniors around them guffawed heartlessly at every mistake.Both were close to tears.
    “Look at them, do you think they will ever forget this humiliation. The only one deriving any pleasure is you and your cronies!Sadists!” I threw my newly learnt psychiatry at her.

  5. It seems as if fun is the key word in all areas of our society today. Fun is what keeps everyone engaged and in the game. When people are having fun, the challenges and endeavors they take on almost never seem to be difficult. Fun is necessary for active engagement

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