Wet for Miles

The world’s biggest cloud stretched over all of Texas and most of New Mexico. It brought a steady deluge of rain and fog and snow and a fairyland  of ice. The clouds were so low and full, it was dark outside all day. We drove 12 hours ever more north, ever more west until finally we drove out from under the wet and saw the sun for the first time in 4 days. Ahh, welcome home.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Wet for Miles”

  1. This is one of the strongest El Nino years. That indicates loads of precipitation for some, milder & drier weather for others. Many people in the former locations will rejoice even if they have to drive through wet terrain for miles. The drought years have been that devastating. At the same time people who’ll enjoy a milder, drier winter will speak of joy not having to brave the miles of wet from snow events. Like everything else it’s a matter of perspective.

  2. The young teenaged lovers walked hand-in-hand leisurely on a beautiful summer day to their favorite park. There they could get away from the noise of the small city. The park was a beautiful escape. A green Eden. Ducks swam on the quiet natural pond. The brook gently tumbled over small rocks. It wound its way down to the pond. Weeping willows sinuously swayed in the slight breeze – their long pale green branches sweeping down to the grass below. They enjoyed being together quietly walking along the trail in the woods. Soon, however, very dark gray clouds blew in across the sky. The wind picked up in tempo. It became cooler. Thunder began to rumble in the distance. Within minutes lightening began to snap and crackle. Then the rain began. The rain pounded stingingly down on their bodies. They were soaked through and through; their clothes so wet that they stuck to their adolescent bodies. Her face turned as pink as the blouse she wore. She was embarrassed. They were cold. He, being the gallant young boy, offered to run back to their neighborhood to ask her girlfriend for some dry clothes. He knew how mortified she was. In those days, good girls didn’t flaunt their bodies they way young people do today. She “puppy loved” him even more. She never forgot that day. She never forgot him.

  3. It rained every year on this day. The last day of the pujas ,. When the Goddess is supposed to depart for her home in the skies. As if the skies wept, it would be wet for miles.
    The sky the colour of lead , and people , tired and exhausted , gather around flickering wooden fires of their kitchens , to warm their hands around steaming tumblers of hot tea. Mostly no one says anything, just the sipping of tea in abject gratitude and sombre reflection .
    In some families , an entire meal would be cooked for the first time , in days ,with onions and garlic ,the forbidden ingredients. In some yet other families, fish or meat was cooked in jubilation, celebrating another year of conclusion of the festival.

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