The Case Against Her

“You seeing her again?” Jerry asked.

“No, I don’t think so.” Tom shook a spoonful of sugar into his coffee. “She’s okay, but no.”

“So, what’s the case against her? She seems pretty damn perfect to me.”

Tom grinned, “Well, she is sexy and smart, I’ll grant her that. But did you know she wants to vote for Hillary for President?”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “The Case Against Her”

  1. Jerry shook his head. “Are you joking? That’s why you won’t see her again? You know you can’t like everything in another person, right?” Jerry smiled, daring. “Besides, you could see it as a challenge to make her change her mind. Talk. Fight. Make-up. I’d say it’s a good start.”

  2. One of the neighborhood girls told Mary that Peggy had been saying untrue things about her to the kids on the block. Mary, of course, found that so hard to believe since she always thought Peggy and she were the best of friends. Mary knew exactly how she could find out if Peggy was being two-faced. Peggy always blushed a bright red when she was caught doing something wrong. Mary’s plan would definitely work. That afternoon when she met Peggy at the neighborhood hangout after school she began chatting about incidental things. They were relaxed and laughing about this and that. Finally Mary casually mentioned she’d heard that Peggy was talking about her behind her back. Peggy’s face immediately began turning bright red and Mary could actually see perspiration on Peggy’s upper lip. Ahah! Caught! The case against her – guilty!

  3. “So what’s the case against her?” George asked.
    “There’s no ‘case against her'”, Michael answered, “I’m just not going to see her again.”
    “Right,” George said, “You’re severing all ties with a gorgeous woman for ni real reason. C’mon, Mike, you can tell me…what is it, does she have nasty feet, did she used to be a man, does she have split personalities?”
    “She took me home to meet her family for Thanksgiving,” Michael said, “and I saw her kiss her brother on the lips…like she full on made out with him.”

  4. Here’s a “case-against-her.” or is it really? A teenage mother throws her hours-old baby out of an 8th story window. Why? In this case, the backstory includes religious fundamentalism. She wasn’t supposed even to be seriously seeing a boy, let alone secretly carrying his baby. She felt put upon by her family. Birthing occurred in the girl’s bedroom; mother is heard coming down the hallway approaching the place. Getting rid of a possible source of punishment, banishment, or personally worse became the paramount emotion. When these events play out in the courts what will happen? How do we in the United States of American “empower” our own females? Why look beyond our own borders 100% of the time?

  5. “So what case did you build against her?” Berry asked, not sounding surprised to hear that his friend had turned down yet another hot girl.
    “Nothing, I’m just not going out with her again.” Tom answered. Talking with his mouth full of cereal.
    “Oh come on! She was perfect, she really seemed to like you!” Berry argued, taking another sip of coffee. “For a guy who is pretty damn smart…you are complete idiot Tom!”

  6. She had been running from the law for some time, and she was getting tired of it. Melania used to love being on the go all the time, but she longed for something more. Something deeper than running from who she was, who she used to be. Melania was tired of being a refugee, of sorts.
    Let them take her, who cares about her now anyways?! Everyone she knew didn’t know who she really was, all the things they shared were temporary. But such was life…
    “We have you surrounded, come out with your hands up!!” Melania smiled and emerged from her studio loft apartment that was deep in the heart of a city she hadn’t known long, yet had known long enough.

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