The Epidemic

Janelle was the first one in the lab to realize that the epidemic was spread by drones. That’s probably because she’s the only one of the lab rats who goes outside much. On her morning walk, she noticed what looked like oversized bumble bees flying into chimneys. But she knew they were drones, not bees. Suddenly she knew how the virus was delivered to some homes but not others.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “The Epidemic”

  1. The epidemic of fear hits Americans once more after the latest deadly shooting. This carnage took place in San Bernardino, California. Another shocking mass shooting. This usually sunny and vibrant city sits in the beautiful San Bernardino foothills. Now it has an aura of fear and anxiety. It is shadowed by a black cloud of violence. Fourteen of its citizens were killed and twenty-one wounded at a holiday party. It was a scene from hell. America has become a nation of almost routine mass shootings. When will this stop? We have to make it stop! What will it take to make it stop?

  2. According to the infectious disease folks, to stop epidemics a source host must be found. That was the case in the spread of swine flu, ebola and other serious threats. How is that source hosts (basic causes, fundamental reasons) are sought for treatment when physical epidemics hit the world? It seems that only symptoms are identified for treatment in the planetary, continuing, escalating epidemic of violence humanity allows to continue? How, when, where is the epidemic of violence sourced? How, when, where can we humans begin – begin – to stem the epidemic of violence?

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