Not Likely

Some things are just not likely. Like this: supposed there was a woman of color who directed movies. Not a movie star, but a director. And suppose there was a Barbie doll made in her honor. Then suppose the doll sold out in 17 minutes. The reality is not likely, but it’s awesome.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Not Likely”

  1. Been fighting for equal rights for what seems like forever. I’m finely giving up. I’m exhausted. I’m disgruntled. I’m disgusted. We still aren’t paid equally. We still haven’t had a female elected president. We still appear to wind up doing most of the housekeeping despite full-time jobs. I had such high hopes when I was young. I was excited to think I would see changes in my lifetime. However, it’s not likely that I will live to see these changes. It’s not likely that they will ever happen. Hey, if I were a fella, would I want to give up the power and control I have? Would I want to treat women as equals in everything? I don’t think so. Not likely. Not while I seem to have it all.

  2. If a man says somebody punched him in the dick, would society tell him, “Whoa, there, you can’t go around saying that person is a dick puncher because when you do that, people are going to think that person IS a dick puncher.” It’s not likely. And yet when three women accuse their male co-worker of rape, there’s this contingency of society that seems to say, “Now hold on there, ladies, you can’t just say someone’s a rapist because when you do that, people will think that man IS a rapist, and we can’t have that.” Why is it that rape victims are the only people who have to work hard to prove a crime was committed against them in the first place. Do you see robbery victims having to stand there and insist that YES, they really were held up at gunpoint? Do you see stabbing victims who have to stagger in to the ER and offer proof (eyewitness testimony, the knife, signed depositions, etc.) before the doctor will believe that YES, they’ve been stabbed? No, but for some reason rape victims are perceived as lying, as shady, as having an ulterior motive, are seen as being the ones looking to get away with something, when its the rapists who really are the ones looking to get away with something.

  3. “Never say never” is a saying that has accompanied me during a long life. That doesn’t preclude a stance of “Not likely” though. It’s not likely that I’ll give up caffeine; that I’ll stop being educator (not lecturer but educator), that I’ll abandon curiosity and ability to change. It’s not likely there’ll be no more Jumbles in my recreation, that friends and family won’t have very important places in my life. And it’s not likely I’ll walk away from solidarity with the vulnerable of this earth, be they humans or other creatures.

  4. Lee was the kind of girl that everybody loved. She was who you’d go to if you
    needed any help, money or someone to “have your back”.
    That’s why all her friends were shocked when Lee was accused of robbery
    at the store, because that was NOT like Lee (likely).

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