For My Darlings


Ah, my darlings, I’m going to bake you a pie made of peaches and love. I’ll put in sugar and spice and wrap it in a flaky crust. It will fill you will warmth and sweetness and let you know how much love I feel for you. A pie can do that.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “For My Darlings”

  1. In this world at this time when everyone in my life is a responsible adult it’s hard to picture them as “my darlings.” I’m in awe of their goodness; I wish I could do the things they’re doing to make the world a better place; I support the influence they contribute to human & natural life on this planet but in no way or time will you hear me use the phrase “my darlings.” It just seems out of place for these strong people; I am not a superior in relationships.

  2. Interesting how some words trigger memories. I love music. This will give my age away but I’ll be brave and say it. Does anyone remember the #1 hit song in 1949, “My Darling My Darling” sung by Gordon McRae and Jo Stafford. (by Frank Loesser) After WWII ended a lot of emphasis was placed on love, family, romance. One can understand why after coming through all the horrors of the War. All the separations of families and lovers. The possibility someone you loved might not return. Although I was very, very young in ’49 I loved to sing along with all the top hits on the radio. I like the beginning words of the song. “My darling, my darling I’ve wanted to call you my darling for many and many a day.” How sweet to have someone fall in love with you and long to call you “darling.” And it follows that if a couple married and had a family, the fellow would naturally think of doing things “for my darlings,” his lovable children. Everyone seemed to appreciate how precious others were.

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