The Hot Chocolate Story

My computer is out of service due to a close encounter with a cup of hot chocolate. Be back when repairs are done. Carry on writing!


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Hot Chocolate Story”

  1. Oh, and I thought “The Hot Chocolate Story” was a prompt for telling my own story! That story would have sourced in Haiti where a good friend and his Haitian-born wife have turned their lives upside down in order to make a tiny dent in the Restavic culture that relies on women’s poverty and need to provide. They’re in process of opening a
    children’s day care center in order to free up very stressed mothers. Hot chocolate, cookies, pudding, sweet empadas and other treats figure strongly in daily journal reporting.

  2. My own hot chocolate story began with me falling sick.
    My sister came down to look after my kids , and took matters into her capable hands. She cooked , cajoled me to have soups , salads, and nutritious food, and rallied my kids into gathering around a heater, in the evening to savour a cup of hot chocolate while elders had tea/coffee, before they went off in different directions .
    They are hooked , and I am thankful to my sister for having inculcated one good habit in my usually rebellious brood.

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