Candles are no substitute for a furnace. But they are better than having nothing whatsoever producing heat in a cold house. Losing power reminds me of how vulnerable we are to infrastructure breakdowns. When life is working, we never think about such things.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Candles”

  1. Definitely there is a connection between my love of candlelight and the church I attended as a child. The memories I have, in particular, of Christmas Eve Midnight Mass are significant. The beautiful old gold-gilded church with its arches and domed ceiling was filled with flowers and lit candles. The antique organ in the balcony would play magnificent inspirational music. The choir’s voices filled the air. There were no electric lights used. It was an awe-inspiring evening. When was it that scented candles became so popular? I don’t remember but I became a scented candle addict. And now, just a few days until Christmas, my home in the evening is filled with the aroma of cedar and bayberry. My dining table candelabra is not electric. It is a custom-made wrought iron candelabra which is lit with tapered candles. I’ve hung small crystals from the center of it. Those magically sparkle in rainbow colors when the daylight sun hits them. In the evening, the lit tapers reflect in the crystals producing another kind of effect. Candles relax me, please me, smell wonderfully, and are always abundant in my home and at the ready during a power outage.

  2. Candles

    I prefer them scented and I spend an exorbitant amount of money on them. I love the scents wafting through the air, the scents that comfort me when I am unwinding. The glow that plays off my walls when candles flicker and follows me as I wander from room to room.

  3. I lit some candles in the bedroom. The blinds were already closed as I set up the camera on the tripod and set the timer. I checked my hair and makeup one last time and stood before the camera in my deep purple teddy. The camera clicked. I reset the timer and posed provacatively on the bed, the camera clicked a few more times. Tomorrow I will develop the pictures and send them to you in Afghanistan…all these years together and you still want boudoir pictures, you big romantic.

  4. Candles are metaphors. Say “candle” or “candles” and conjure memories, milieus, desires, historical times past, even futures. Say “scented candles” to some people who react negatively because of airborne allergies that trigger violent sneezing and/or breathing difficulties due to a petroleum base. The same mention may also cause negativity to the word “aromatherapy” . Candles seem, therefore, to be very personal. Three kinds of candles turn me on: tea candles, hurricane lamp candles, genuine beeswax candles: the first for multiple uses in beauty, the second as comfort (a sort of Linus blanket) and connection to history, the third – just because there are so many reasons…..

  5. Having lived in the Dominican Republic back in the late ’70s, in a small town about 45 minutes from the island’s capital, daily power outages were something of a common event. We relied heavily on candles and kerosene lamps. If the event occurred at night, my two roommates and I would stop whatever we were doing, sit in the living room rocking chairs around the coffee table and talk. We would tell each other about the letters we had received from our families or friends, catch up on the latest gossip, tell jokes or since we couldn’t turn on the radio, sing the latest song on the U.S.hit list at the time. In retrospect, even without what most of us take for granted, we were happy.

  6. Candles were the order of the day, when kerosene was out of stock in our small town. Any small ripple would have a huge effect on our living. A day of deluge , a political rally, a local circus , everything affected supplies . Kerosene , coal , newspapers and other sundry items were most affected .

    In the twilight, we were asked to keep our supplies of candles , matchboxes and sturdy glass and bronze candle stands ready. One never knew how long a power outage would last. So, important home works were finished by dusk, while the sun was slowly disappearing over the hill. Candle light would flicker, and was messy, so it was good for a round of scrabble , gossip session, diary-writing or finishing off the last comics , which had to be returned to its owner the next morning, taking care to keep the pages wax-free.

    A cousin recounted how power outage used to hit them . every night without fail, at dinner time , in the hostel dining hall. A nimble chap from the kitchen would affix thick candles on the ceiling fan blades. When the lights came on, the fan blades moved and the candles were automatically snuffed out.

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