Your turn

Hey, why don’t you submit some writing prompt ideas that we can use between now and the new year? Reader suggestions are always so much fun and delightful. Leave them in the open space below and I’ll post them as prompts next week. Thanks.


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Your turn”

  1. A good friend of mine lost his mother abruptly just a few days ago. My writing prompt idea is to spend some time reflecting on those of us who experience loss in the midst of celebration. Write the first few words of a christmas story.

  2. What a good idea. Perhaps that could be the first of my suggestions.

    Another that came to me immediately after reading your idea is “photography” or a variation of it. So many people out there are good, even great photographers. Seasonal greeting cards share beauty of nature and/or human relationships. I get so jealous….

    Many other thoughts have begun to gather, but I’ll end with this: “Gratitude” and “Hope.” End of one year; beginning of another..

  3. The Unexpected Christmas Card

    Lara held the white envelope in her hands not recognizing the sender’s name or address. No addressee, but her home address was on the envelope. She figured it was some propaganda from a newly opened neighborhood gym or spa. Removing the contents from the opened envelope, she saw a black and white picture of three young girls who looked like sisters posing next to each other. The two girls at either end looked like twins, maybe around nine or ten-years-old while the one in the middle seemed to be around seven-years-old.

    Lara figured it was an advertisement for children’s clothing, but when she looked at the card more carefully, it dawned on her that it was a Christmas card because of the wording underneath the girls’ picture. Still confused, Lara looked again in the white envelope and found a smaller green envelope that contained a handwritten note that read:
    My daughters and I look for you every day when we drive by your house on our way to school. We see you standing by your door and you brighten our day. At the behest of my daughters, I’m sending you this holiday card hoping you like it.
    Laura, Lily, Jessie and Beth

    It became clear to Lara that the card’s sender was referring to her mother who suffers from dementia and who stands by the door every morning waiting for her ride to the adult day care center she attends during the week. It was one of the most beautiful gestures from a total stranger toward her mother Lara had ever experienced. When Lara told her mother about the special Christmas card that had been sent to her, a big smile lit up her face. For Lara, Laura and her daughter’s gesture showed that the true spirit of Christmas was still very much alive.

  4. Virginia, I am a bit late in responding , but I think you will forgive .

    My suggestion would be “Beeps”.

    Those infernal beeps crept into the labyrinths of her dreams and assumed weird positions . The drip of treacle melting off the roof of an edible house , paint cracking , a jeep honking at her , in the middle of a rain drenched road , caught like a startled cat in the headlights .

    Temple bells tolling. Where was she ? Gosh!!

    The catheter rubbed against her leg and she was awake in a instant. Throat parched and tongue coated,she raised her hand to reach the glass, but the drip tube came in the way, drat!!

  5. Your Turn could be indicative of an opportunity of a life time. It could be a chance to shine and be demonstrative in an area that you have a passion for. Occasions allowing one to show worthiness don’t come everyday. Take your turn so you will not have future regrets.

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