There was no gratitude in life for her. Everything was a complaint. How do you retrain the brain of someone like that? How do you tell them that positive energy will improve their life? There’s no bandwidth to listen to a message like that, it has to come from within somehow. But how?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

9 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. There was a seed of gratitude within her that could grow. The growing conditions had been bad, that was all. And something else had grown, something unwholesome, something that she’d have to weed out all by herself. He wanted to help her see that. That was something, wasn’t it?

  2. Gratitude is a “looking-back” kind of word and therefore relevant for the year end. Its 2015 utterance conjures many occasions for the need to express gratitude for people, what they’ve done not only in my behalf but in others’ as well. I’m grateful for a year where health, though precarious, carried me though. I’m grateful for all the beauty in my life, for all the support, for all the security, for all the goodness, for all challenges. Every one of these things – and more – are foundations for the life of gratitude I live. BTW, scientists are beginning to say out loud that gratitude is basis for a more healthful and longer lifetime.

  3. You have to have an attitude of gratitude. Every morning wake up and find something to be grateful for. That’s what they told me at my first AA meeting. And I said, “you crazy bastards. My life is in ruins. My parents have disowned me, my sisters don’t speak to me. I am without friends, I’m in an abusive relationship. What could i possibly have to be grateful for?”.

  4. I will be full of gratitude when I am finished w/ packing up my water view home in Maine and the closing is complete on January 6th. Of course, I’m not going to be full of gratitude that the real estate market is such that, for the first time in my life, it is not easy to buy a home. The new regulations in Maine seem to have made the process of selling/buying a very lengthy procedure. So it’s off to a short-term (I hope) rental w/ all of my three pets closer to the area where we will be searching for new digs. Mostly, I don’t complain. I am truly filled w/ gratitude that I have survived two bouts with different potentially deadly cancer. I am very, very fortunate. Thank you! Thank you! And I wish others have a lot to be grateful for in the new year.

  5. She said she was grateful but it never showed. Never showed in the ways we wanted. She went without, she gave her last. We wanted love and she simply wanted a thank you. “Some kind of gratitude you show” she said as she sat all alone at home.

  6. Gratitude is the toothless smile that accompanied my grandfather’s “thank you bachcha ” when I reached his cup of tea to him, spilling half of it in saucer, in babyish clumsiness.
    Gratitude is the upturned face of a farmer , allowing fat rain drops to wash over, after a parched summer.
    Gratitude is a finicky teenager , heartily tucking into a previously denounced meal of boiled peas.
    Gratitude is a live saving skill, used adroitly , to pull some one ,from the very jaws of annihilation.
    Gratitude is your child urging you to finish your soup, and to “be strong, mama.”
    Gratitude is the first ray of a brilliant sunshine , after hours of thick,grey fog.

  7. There are many reasons to express gratitude, but sometime sentiments dictate it should not be. In the recent past, I saw my middle school social studies teacher at a special social function. I acknowledged him for the impact he had on my life. I am happy to have expressed gratitude.

  8. An acquaintance related the story of encountering a woman on the bus who was struggling to complete a list of things she was grateful for. She saw the exercise as an academic query, a task to be finished and checked off a to-do list. My acquaintance saw in her question the blessings of his children and what they have brought to his life.

  9. I have lots of things to be thankful for, its like i really want it all i focus on the undone forgetting the done. Ironical life, the ones i had left and i realize gratitude should have been part of my life. That very silly important thing. So, i am thankful its so hot and thankful for all that has gone wrong.

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