Dim the Lights

She lit candles all around the room. So many candles – she must have spent $300 on candles. She dimmed the lights and turned to me. She didn’t speak or move, just stood there waiting. It was an invitation, but did I want to respond? My feet decided for me as I crossed the floor between us.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Dim the Lights”

  1. When you come over tonight I’ll dim the lights & put on David Bowie’s “The Heart’s Filthy Lesson”. I’ll meet you at the door wearing something barely there, I’ll have your glass of Glenlivet waiting. I’ll light your cigar, sit you down in the big brown leather chair. It’s your night, as it is every night, so tell me, as I straddle you, tell me what you want me to do.

  2. Gotta make sure I dim the lights before getting into bed with my boy toy. Yee Gods! If he were ever to see my road map of a body. Scars trail across the stomach from the renal nephrectomy. More along the foot which was surgically altered. And then again under the arm and breast to get rid of the damned breast cancer. If that weren’t enough, he might take notice of my aging body. What was once a superbly fit and toned body due to weekly aerobic exercises executed to fast music is now sagging, wrinkling, and “bagging.” While we were sitting in the living room enjoying an evening cocktail as a prelude to making love I mentioned my concern about the surgical scars. Boy toy said, “I love reading road maps.” Ah, methinks he is a keeper.

  3. In one of his books, Jeremy Rifkin mentions how language is created. First comes story construction about ourselves, then ritualizing origins and envisioning a collective destiny. We “engage” in deep play to establish social identity. “Dim the lights” is deep play. Either it becomes metaphor when it’s used as prelude to an event or something else or it’s literal due to the speaker’s intent. She simply does not desire bright lights for whatever reason.

  4. There they were—facing each other. The inviting ambiance after Nick dimmed the bedroom lights was conducive to what both were anticipating. A scented candle provided a warm, mysterious glow to the room. The flickering flame casted mystical shadows heralding the promise of a long anticipated denouement.

    Nick walked her backward and lowered her on the bed with a slow and purposeful movement. She was nervous and felt inadequate, but those thoughts vanished as the contour of his body pressed into hers. She succumbed to his touch and caresses as she enjoyed the exquisite moment that played out. Their union was natural, effortless; and the mutual gratification was magical—almost divine…

  5. I wanted to turn and run but my body refused to listen. The candles, so bright, so mesmerizing, seemed to give her an unspeakable power. I tried to stop moving, but my feet continued to press forward as though under her complete control. I looked into her eyes and suddenly realized that it was an invitation I was not going to be allowed to refuse. Her eyes turned a deep blood red. She pointed a finger at me, wearing a demonic grin and began to utter incoherently.
    “Ayahuasca temori exeri. “

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