I slept with the rhythm of the beeps at the top level of my consciousness. If there was a change I woke up instantly, checked all the monitors, pushed the nurse’s call button. When the beeps stopped entirely and that dreaded unending note sounded, I screamed, “Nurse,” and tried in vain to wake up my mother.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Beeps”

  1. “Back in the days” as people say, there was a USSR. I was in Moscow for a short time. One of the things I found strange was traffic silence. No honking; no beeps.. Drivers used their lights as passing signals; there was no noisy messaging. As passenger it made rides less stressful; I don’t know about drivers. I wonder what USA traffic would be like without use of horns and beeps? How would I tell that driver who’s pulling out of a parking spot without looking that he’s pulling out right in my path; that we’re going to collide? Sometimes a harsh beep is better than a calm light.

  2. The bed and the old woman hunched on it came into focus, then blurred again.
    She tottered. The physiotherapist held her arm .
    She walked . Like one possessed. Stiffly , with her hands at her sides.
    Every cubicle emanated a beep pattern of its own. Some one with heart disease, a child with diabetes, a severe head injury.
    So much misery in the world. She had reached half the length of the icu.She turned back. Th physiotherapist looked at her quizzically. Shouldn’t she go a few more paces?
    She shook her head. Enough of misery for one day.

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