My Fantasy Weekend

Where would I be? Perhaps watching the glaciers calve in Alaska before the glaciers all melted. Perhaps playing a long game of Monopoly with someone I loved in a mountain cabin as snow fell outside. Perhaps in a concert hall listening to something amazing. Perhaps with my nose in a great book. Maybe all that in the same weekend?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “My Fantasy Weekend”

  1. What does my fantasy weekend look like? Maybe I’d be at Atlantic City’s Borgata, sitting in the hottub by day, playing blackjack all night. Or perhaps I’d go out to Greenport, NY, for a glorious summer weekend by the pool.

  2. My fantasy weekend would allow me to be in Europe magically without having to use transportation. I would be back in Switzerland, Tuscany, and the Lakes Region of England. Flitting in the air like a fairy and observing the beauty of the countries.

  3. My fantasy weekend would entail lunch at the Auden Bistro & Bar of The Ritz-Carlton New York in Central Park with one of my favorite overnight radio hosts from the classical radio station I’ve listened to for the past 20+ years. I would then board a yacht-style cruiser sailing to one of my favorite islands—St. Maarten—where I would enjoy the spicy union of Caribbean, French and Dutch cultures, bask in the warmth of the Caribbean sun and enjoy the island’s urban and untamed environment.

    Wow! It really doesn’t cost anything to dream…

  4. Fantasy, even a fantasy weekend, simply isn’t a part of life anymore. Old age sometimes does that . Most important is to see the present itself as realized fantasy, as marvel, as beauty, as fun, as socializing, as dream come true. Thinking of a fantasy weekend conjures up contentment, gratitude, friendship, a good read and other good stuff.

    1. Fantasy weekend for me. I’d watch the Gators play football and get clobbered by Michigan. Then I’d play chess on my nook and do so good on tactics; and then loose a game. I would have a T-bone steak for lunch from Ale house with broccoli and a baked potato buttered and with sour cream.

  5. Fantasy weekend.
    To shampoo and sit in the sun, dry one’s hair, watch the squirrels scamper up and down the trees.
    To stand at the lip of the Grand Canyon and wonder about the immense vastness of land .
    To eat walnut and chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream .
    To read Mark Twain’s collection all over again.
    To write down some of choicest Bulle Shah’s poetry, before returning the library book.
    To sit down and wonder, just plain open -mouthed wonder, at this creation, without being judged “mad” or “time waster”.
    To sing loudly,off-key, in the shower.

  6. My fantasy weekend would connect me with nature and God. I would walk, talk and become one with the animals of the world. Once connected they would surround me. God would appear. I would be given a sneak peak into the afterlife and he would answer the most important question I have.

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