You Make Me Feel So Young

She asked me to sing with her. She grabbed my hand and pulled me on the stage. Quickly she found “You Make Me Feel So Young” on the karaoke machine. She started singing and looked at me. Her voice was perfect for the song. She held the mic in my face and I sang, too. Somehow our voices blended perfectly. She looked in my eyes while she sang. It was hypnotic and electrifying.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “You Make Me Feel So Young”

  1. There’s a book titled, “Reality Is Broken.” It applies to many situations in the present world. Particularly is this so with me in regard to feeling young. I have no problem feeling young. Mentally and emotionally I AM young. You, your stories, your advertisements, your enticements all call out the young that I feel. When reality sets in; when it’s time to walk the walk then I realize no one or nothing can make the feeling of youth will ever cross the chasm to reality. It is good though to have someone voice that I make them feel young again.

  2. It’s in the little things. It’s the way I wake up to the smell of pancakes. The way that you snort when you laugh so loudly in the theater that my face turns red. The way that you roll down your window to grin and wave at every single passerby just to embarrass me. The way your eyes light up every time I remember to do something right. The way your kiss still gives me chills just like it did when I was 17. No one would ever guess that today is our 50th anniversary, that our kids are all grown, that our grand-kids are engaged. That’s just how young you make me feel.

  3. The day seems young just like you make me feel, its the sweet fragrance of you escaping your clothes. Pure and preety, a mix of wild. Your sisters and you stand together, its a wonder enchanted one “how young you make me feel”. Preety Jasmine i peep at you from my window as you sway your petals in the wind.

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