Ain’t She Sweet

My daughter won’t go to the hardware store with me ever again. I can’t resist those old songs they play. “Ain’t She Sweet” gets me every time and I start to dance and sing. That’s how I happened to . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Ain’t She Sweet”

  1. “How old is Mommy, Grace?” we asked my niece on my sister’s 35th birthday.

    “Thirty-six!!!” My three year old niece chirpped, grinning from ear to ear.

    “Ain’t she sweet,” my sister said, before telling her daughter that no, Mommy is only thirty-five.

  2. It’s a new puppy: “Ain’t she sweet?” It’s a just born Panda: “Ain’t she sweet?” It’s a newborn human child: “Ain’t she sweet?” Let them grow into their full maturity. The adjective changes. “Sweet” might still be appropriate depending on the underlying & individual personality, but an overriding description is even more appropriate: clever, comforting, amusing or “real mother” maybe. Sweetness takes second billing. i

  3. He walked in with her on his arm. Typical, long-legged blond. She was smiling and introducing herself to people. Ain’t she sweet. They sat and before he can ask her what she wanted to drink, she ran over to the bar to get it for them. Ain’t she sweet. She rubbed his back and gave him kisses on his neck all night. Ain’t she sweet. Watching the spectacle was cringe-worthy but knowing exactly how to ruin his night makes this all the sweeter.

  4. “Ain’t she sweet ?” This is the remark reserved for Vishal Bhardwaj’s heroines.
    She talks softly , giggles when in hordes, lowers her eyes when talking to elders , and is seldom seen without garish make-up and seriously ethnic outfits.
    She is forever found on the terrace , watering the gardenias with a gigantic watering can , looking dewy-eyed out for their prince charming arriving in a dust cloud on the faraway village road.
    She sings loudly only in the bathrooms , where, we presume , she is permitted to produce certain other unparliamentary noises too. She never swears or burps.
    “Ain’t She sweet ?”
    By the way, she never voices her opinions , in fact she never voices anything , and demurely marries whosoever their thakur father decides appropriate . She never rants or raves, never falls in love, is a brilliant student and a perfect match for thakur’s rich friend’s way ward son.
    She suffers in silence and smiles sweetly while suffering too.
    “Ain’t she sweet ?”

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