Ma, He’s Making Eyes at Me

Stranded in the Love Field airport in Dallas once again. This happens far too often. I drowsed in my chair and prayed for sunshine. Coming from a gate down the way I heard music. People were singing “Ma, He’s Making Eyes at Me.” I got up and went to see. An older couple with ukuleles were singing and everyone around them sang along. What had been a terrible day turned into fun and sharing and conversation. What a little ukulele can do.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Ma, He’s Making Eyes at Me”

  1. “Ma, he’s making eyes at me,” I told my mother the FIRST TIME Uncle Gene leered at me…I was twelve and Uncle Gene was on his second martini cocktail.

    “Like you KNOW what ‘making eyes’ even is,” my mother laughed, as if to say that at twelve years old I couldn’t possibly know any goddamn thing. But5 I knew damn well that my father’s brother was staring at my breasts.

  2. “Ma. he’s making eyes at me” In the old days person to person was THE way of connecting. The eyes were his. Our time and space context was local to us alone. With today’s I-phone and internet communicating time and space are dropped out of the picture as well as the person to person aspect. “Ma, he’s making eyes at me” yesterday from the Philippines.” “Ma, his emoticons are making eyes at me.”

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