“Must love dogs,” the ad said. I didn’t love dogs, but the rent for the bedroom was in my price range. I rang the doorbell and a barrage of barking came through the door. Someone on the other side called out, “Just a sec.” The barking faded and a tall woman in sweat pants opened the door. I . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Dog”

  1. The family across the street from me have an obnoxious fucking dog. The thing is an Italian greyhound, ugly as sin. The old man (I call him old man because he’s about my father’s age) carries the dog around like it’s his baby. And the damn dog howls at anything and everything. Three o’clock on a July afternoon and the old man is outside with his ugly dog-baby & the fucking dog is howling at I don’t even know what. Three am and I’m in bed in my own house and I hear that fucking dog howling. I think about hiring a hitman to eliminate the goddamn dog.

  2. I am a dog lover always have been, i am a passionate animal lover. I believe animals are not a problem unless they are badly managed by people who eaither do not care or do not understand them.

  3. “What does he have for breakfast?”
    It was a regular question, except that it was asked about the dog.
    “Who, Pascal? He doesn’t have any breakfast.”
    The dog had retired to the corner, after having nosed through her nether end for the nth time. She felt a twinge of pity for the big shaggy beast , eyeing her with large brown eyes. With a start, he started biting the flesh of his paws. Fleas.
    “Hey Pascal, come here.”
    Someone called him , and he promptly bounded off, obediently.

  4. The only dog I had not “inherited” was the first; the Dalmatian about which Dad told my Mom he was “going to see a man about a dog”. Tiki, the Pekingese arrived after my brother-in-law’s mother went to a nursing home due to Alzheimer’s. Princess, a Yorkie, was given by a dying woman. Others taken in temporarily were mutts, Pomeranian, and Boxer. Labs and Retrievers were also part of my walk-filled, poop-scooping, visiting-of- vet, groomer, and nursing-home-residents life. Old age infirmities changed all that. As with other friendships my life has been forever changed by each dog in it.

  5. …look me in my eye and address with by my name. Accept responsibility when you do wrong and dont be a bitch about it when I call you out. See that’s the problem, you act like “dogs” all bark and no bite! Say what you mean and mean what you say.

  6. I live in a strange state. For some reason a majority of folks don’t see anything wrong in tying up a dog outdoors in all sorts of weather. Once we passed a trailer where we spied a poor dog tied up with no water supply in sight. It was a very hot, humid sunny day and there was no shade. Luckily we had a gallon of water in a plastic milk bottle we carried around in the car. We found some sort of makeshift container to fill with water and approached the poor dog cautiously. It was pathetic. So many times we’d see a dog tied up outside when it was frigid. In rain and snow we would never be surprised at spotting a dog suffering its fate. I wanted to become the Robin Hood of dogs and dognap them but I knew I’d be in trouble if caught.

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