It was my house, but I abandoned it for several weeks while they were shooting a TV show inside. I made a ton of money doing it. I went back daily to feed my cat and check my mail. The best part of the deal was that the cat would sometimes stroll through a scene. The actors would ignore it, but the viewers went crazy for my cat when the show finally aired. I have a famous cat and a famous house. Not bad for a nobody.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Cat”

  1. “That goddamn cat was screeching again,” I said casually as I ate cereal.

    “Probably in heat,” Giorgio said from behind the New York Times.

    “I don’t care,” I said, “I want quiet when I sleep.”

    “Well what do you want me to do?” Giorgio put the Times down and raised an eyebrow at me.

  2. Scene: Leaning Tower “Y” surroundings. Time: approach of winter’s cold. Who: one feral cat; one stray. Decision: catch, bring them to vet & then home. Followup: that’s how we discovered one was feral. Stray resisted being caught but then settled. The other also resisted & never gave up. Captured in our borrowed USPS canvas sack, somehow when put in car, escaped. You’ve never, ever, ever – seen in real life a feline tornado or cyclone unless you’ve seen a feral cat whirl around the interior of a car. That cat got returned to the “wild” of YMCA property. The other became Sweetness and finished his life with another cat and Tiki, a dog.

  3. …I’m not up for your games anymore. When I come to work, I’m working. Not sitting on my ass playing with tail like some bitch ass pussy ” cat!” When you approach me I expect you to come correct. Shake my hand…

  4. Cats everywhere, in the living room, on the couch, on the bed, in the kitchen and even on the ceiling fan….One coud think this was a shelter for homeless cats in the neighborhood. But they belonged to Mrs Nobody also known as the Cat Lady.

  5. The cat was definitely malevolent. It could narrow down its translucent green eyes , and out stare you. It curled itself up on the abandoned mattress stuffing on the terrace and listen to the conversations, gossip sessions , fights going on in the house below. Her eyes would be tightly shut. Pretending to be asleep . What gave away was the cocking of the ears at the sound of any human shout or cackle of laughter or scream. Finally, she would tire of eavesdropping,wake up with a yawn and a stretch, and go in search of food.
    The dogs, sniffing her evil presence , would go into a barking frenzy.
    The widowed sister of my neighbour, Mr Mehta, would shoo away the dogs, and feed her milk straight from the breakfast table , much to the chagrin of the finicky Mrs, Mehta. The widow would pour the lukewarm milk into her own plate and allow the cat to lap it up. She saved the cat , and the cat’s phenomenal speed . With the hiss of an angry goose and a loud miaow , she would take off, a blur of gray fur, with the dogs in hot pursuit.

  6. The new cat on the block was out exploring the back yards. It was simply inquisitive and trying to learn about the neighborhood. Although it was specifically an indoor cat, it had escaped when one of the carpenters working at our house accidentally let it out. When it returned to the house it was soaked and wet. Aha! The first sign that the next door neighbors weren’t very nice folks. And that proved to be so true. For ten very long years the neighbors did everything they could to harass us. Whodathunk that two eighty-year old people could be so mean and spiteful? Ultimately, we felt it was because we renovated our house and had the most beautiful gardens. We felt they were insanely jealous because we were so much younger and took such pride in our property. What other reason could there be?

  7. When my daughter moved to her apartment, she decided to leave her cat. That wonderful cat remained with me for two years. I and others living in my household became attached. This cat, in my opinion, became the world’s greatest companion. She seemed to have a great feel for companionship.

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