As soon as I entered her apartment I was surrounded by rabbits. I stared at them, astonished.

“Oh,” she said with a dismissive wave, “I have pet rabbits.”

“A lot of them, apparently,” I muttered. I walked further into the room and furry animals scattered around my feet like fall leaves. “Uh, is this okay with the apartment management?”

She gave me a hard look. “They don’t need to know what I do in my apartment.” . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Rabbit”

  1. Rabbits are such adorable creatures. I once worked on a farm and was responsible for taking care of the rabbits for a week. At first i was scared of picking them up as i considered them frail. But during my week with the rabbits i came to learn and understand how strong and fun they are

  2. Rabbits are one of the few wild animals still to be found in urban areas. In Springtime it’s not unusual to find rabbit nests in back yards or any open space. The same can be said for some rabbit-predators: crows, hawks, rodents, humans. It wasn’t surprising then to see gutted remains of a baby rabbit in the front yard as my Yorkie and I started out from the condo for our early morning walk Princess and I had opposite reactions.

  3. The young boys loved the outdoors and animals. The younger was even known to bring home a snake to show his mother. They were lucky to live in a house on one hundred acres with lots of woods to explore. They were also lucky their mother and father liked animals as well. A dog and two cats made their house a home. They were each given a “kid” (baby goat) one Spring. Their father built a little shed and pen for the goats. It was great fun for them to bottle feed the kids and watch their antics leaping up on anything around. Then they were each given a rabbit. Adorable white rabbits with long ears and whiskers that seemed to wiggle all the time. One of the cats was hit by a car. One of the goats got into the feed despite the brick holding the bag closed and died. When the younger son asked for an elephant next his father responded, I’m not digging a hole for an elephant next! We always laugh when we remember his words.

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