You walk in someone else’s house and it’s strange to see how other people live. I assumed she was an ordinary homeowner, but she had a couch in the kitchen. The living room was full of camping equipment and nothing else. I didn’t see the other rooms, but I can . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Couch”

  1. I walked into his apartment and the first thing I noticed was the couch in the living room…it was standing up on its arm, looking like the Washington monument or something.

    “Are you moving in or out?” I asked.

    “Neither,” he said, “I upended the couch so my ex could take it out of here with the rest of the furniture but she didn’t take it…she left a year ago.”

    And your lazy ass left the couch like that, I’m starting to see WHY she left.

  2. Valentine’s Day approaches. With its advent plans and schemes are concocted both positively and negatively. One common thread however is how to couch a planned interaction. How does someone stage a dump of another person with whom that one shared msny deep highs and lows? How does someone surround an affirmation or confirmation of perpetual love and commitment? Couching is really important on Valentine’s Day.

  3. That old couch had to go. Why do we think we always have to follow the same old furniture arrangement in our living rooms with a couch, end tables, two chairs, coffee table, etc.? Had a beautiful couch from Pottery Barn with great support and quite a few loose back pillows. Once the sea blue cover became worn I took it off and enjoyed the off-white upholstery with tons of colorful throw pillows. You could really plop down and get really cozy with a good book. Whenever we had guests over I wondered why it was that most people don’t like to sit in the center of the couch. Now that we don’t entertain as much I left that sofa sitting in the living room for the buyer of the house we left. She loves it. I’m thinking that several spots in my new living room will be arranged with a couple of wing chairs and lamp tables here and there. And my favorite Adirondack rocking chair will have a special place near the fireplace. Comfy spots you can enjoy at different times of the day … depending on the light coming in the windows or what we might like to look at outdoors. We can also more easily move those chairs around anywhere we like. I used to struggle with that big couch. Making it all a lot easier as we grow even older.

  4. The couch ended up on our hotel room’s balcony.

    “We need more room to dance!”

    “Move the couch!”

    A haze of alcohol and Spring Break will do that to you.

    We dragged ourselves onto a plane home, leaving the couch out on the balcony, basking in the Florida sun.

  5. The couch was in the house since the time memory starts. It was bought , at throwaway prices, at a garage sale . So it came with a baggage of memories of its own .
    The cane arms had four layers with split bamboo reinforcements. The arms were used to rest steaming tea cups , TV remotes, newspapers and occasional aberrant school note book. It was worn and shiny. When it arrived , it was cream with brown, the brown eroding , and the cream chipped. Father got it painted in military green with maroon . That is how it stayed, along with the grime , and dirt it gathered through years of indifferent living.
    In one of the wooden bases, we , in our childhood pursuit of the trivial, discovered , “NEVA” carved in shaky capitals. Whether it was read aven , or was a name , remained a mystery to us . My brother thought it fit to carve his own name , and address next to it for posterity.His address would begin with the flat number , and end in planet earth , universe (“So it is easier for aliens to place me “). Now why and how would aliens lift a 5kg cushion to read some thing written on the underside of a cracking couch , was a question never asked .
    Two years ago, the couch was deemed too large and derelict, and was given to the help. She , too , having no use /space for such a large piece of furniture , placed it on the pavement in front of her house , where it became a haven for street urchins and passersby. Last I saw , a family of crows , mynahs and pigeons were ripping the stuffing apart to build their own nests.

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