I hated that damn footstool. It was always in the way. My wife wouldn’t let me put my feet on it because her grandmother cross stitched the cover and she didn’t want it used. It filled up floor space for no purpose. Actually, now that I think about it, my wife does almost the same thing. I should get rid of both of them.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Footstool”

  1. “Put the damned footstool back where you got it from!” This is a constant in my friend, Joey’s home because his mother has a very painful neurological disorder in both of her feet. Her husband who is a sweet and loving fella just has memory lapses and doesn’t even think about putting the footstool out of her way after he’s done sitting in the den watching something on TV or reading a book. He leaves it right where he dragged it close to his favorite chair. Then along comes the Mrs. rushing around housekeeping. She promptly trips on the footstool. This then elicits a lot of four letter words from the Mrs. – words we didn’t even understand when we were young.

  2. There isn’t much else the word footstool can mean other than the obvious. It is what it is. A footstool is a foot stool is a footstool no matter how hard one tries to find a verb in this noun or a metaphor. So , a story then: friends were expected and most are elders or infirm in some way or other. Furniture gets moved, a footstool included. I’m both old and infirm and a dodo bird also. Immediately after moving the footstool, I trip over it and either dislocate or break the middle finger on my right hand. Then the doorbell rang signaling the arrival of the first guest. Evolution didn’t figure in but connections sure did. I can’t think “footstool” now without taking a look at the misshapen finger on my right hand.

  3. There was something about that footstool that had sat in the corner of the lounge room for so long it had begun to gather dust. I came across it when I was asked by my sister to clean out some of the furniture. My father had used often when he was alive; my mother had put it to one side after he died.
    I picked it up, put it in the middle of the room and walked around it. I picked it up, turned it over.
    Yes, appearances can be deceptive. It had a hidden compartment.
    Where was that screwdriver?

  4. She used everyone as a footstool. Figuratively, I mean.
    Anyone could incur her wrath for whatsoever reason, and become the victim of her lambasting . She could rant and rave , making a public spectacle of the person’s inabilities, and as if that was not enough, She would make the entire class laugh at the said person’s follies . This was unforgivable . She was surely and certainly making a place for herself in the most-hated -list of most people.
    But she remained unfazed. And as most inexplicable things have been known to happen , in this strange world , she scaled promotion after promotion , with consummate ease . Her ability to suck up to her superiors was as phenomenal, as was her ill-behaviour towards her juniors. Both were opposite sides of the same coin. You could say, one begat the other.

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