Dream Vacation

Every winter I dig out the wool sweater I bought on my dream vacation to New Zealand for my 60th birthday. That was a few years ago, but the sweater takes me right back. It’s soft with blue designs and little happy sheep around the bottom. Funny how a sweater can make you think of birch forests and penguins and whales and ferries and Maori museums.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Dream Vacation”

  1. One of my first international dream vacations was to Greece. When I think back about all my trips this trip is the one that was the most emotional. I had studied art history and was always fascinated with Egypt and Greece. The latter dream vacation had an extremely fascinating effect on my emotions. Both in Athens and Delphi I stared for a long time at the ruins. The dramatic contrast of the stark white columns and remains of ancient ruins against the beautiful blue sky was incredible. We were fortunate enough to be at these ruins during an off-peak season when we pretty much had the places to ourselves. It was very quiet. Very touching. I couldn’t believe that I was so moved I felt tears come to my eyes. Incredibly, I experienced another emotional scene. We were in the mountains and stayed at a little village, Papingo, at the end of a mountain road. The shepherds would bring herds of sheep down from the mountains for the winter. First I hard the sound of bells which grew louder and louder. Then as I looked down the mountain to the sinuously curving one-lane road I could see the line of white sheep – the sound of their bells moving further and further away as they left the village and headed down the mountain road. The setting sun was painting a golden glow on the mountains and winding serpentine primitive road. Extraordinary experiences!

  2. In my book, “dream” connotes unreality and “vacation” connotes vacating a real world so the two together become a tautology. Their meanings are identical. This has certainly been the case in my life. Any vacation I dreamed up was not what others commonly understand as “dream vacation.” One for instance: in 1970 an opportunity arose to learn about USSR educational practices by means of visiting Moscow and the then Leningrad. Colleagues into ecumenical work networked. So things evolved into focus on giving personal compassion to two families of Soviet Jews under oppression. It’s quite a memory but a dream was not its beginning.

  3. Once again I looked at the bank account statement, and realized that our planned vacation in New York was becoming more of a pipe dream rather than the anticipated dream vacation. ‘In sickness and in health’ was taking on a new dimension, one neither of us had ever expected.
    That thought of taking the roller coaster at Coney Island had been surpassed by our own life events, and some days it felt like it was out of control; and today, we had reached the top, and momentum was driving us down.

  4. For many, a dream vacation encourages thoughts of destinations abroad or at least scenic picturesque places. Yes, it’s bliss when you get to travel to such places and witness either beauty beyond what words can describe or accounts of history being created. However my dream vacation is at ‘home’… Next to the person I love…cute arguments and fights all at once and then cuddling up to watch movies endlessly.. And this for days! What a wonderful vacation it would be!

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