My Dream

My dream was always about writing. I wrote, even when I was in a place in life where I couldn’t say, “I’m a writer.” Now I say that with ease, even though my main career has always been that of educator. But even an educator can write. Even a web designer can write. Even a blogger can write!

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “My Dream”

  1. My dream was always to be singing, dancing, acting. I could go to sleep visualizing myself in a costume designed by myself dancing across a field or a stage. I could dream that I was a vocalist entertaining the audience with some beautifully written song. And then there was always acting. I did get to dance in a lot of grammar school shows and sing with three other young teenagers at community shows. And I did take acting classes in high school where I managed to have a lot of fun putting on plays. But those dreams were put aside because years ago most females were encouraged to marry and have families. The thought of going into Manhattan to take acting classes and dare to be a performer was out of the question. The majority of us weren’t even encouraged to go on to college because we were expected to find that “prince” and have him take care of us. Aside from less than a handful who went on to be teachers, the rest of us learned to be hairdressers or secretaries – just biding our time until marriage. Of course, we were certainly encouraged to learn to cook, clean, sew, babysit, and be the perfect little hostesses when our parents had company over for dinner. What a waste!

  2. Backstory: I’m a feminist daughter of a feminist. My mother grew up in the heady days when women were “given” the vote. One of the affirmations I remember in my growing-up years was “You can be anything you want to be.” I heard this as akin to Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream!” So I aspired (dreamt?) to be a doctor when girls simply didn’t become doctors. Nursing didn’t cut it. If my dream wasn’t possible without an epic fight I wanted no part of it. From then on reality trumped dreaming. It still does. The awakening, however, only strengthened my desire to link up with other realist, futurist women. We are, after all, “Half the Sky.”

  3. I dream of helping those who need it most. I dream of making radical change. I dream of making the world a better place. To make real, long lasting difference or permanent change to benefit Earth and humanity and not have us destroy our planet and ourselves – that’s my dream.

  4. My dreams are many
    zany and uncanny
    some are surreal
    some earthy and real

    In my dreams I can be
    whoever I want to be
    I can leap across bonfires
    and be among high fliers

    I can scale heights
    I can wear tights
    things improbable
    well nigh impossible

    at my age/size
    but for my dreams
    which make me feel

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