Secrets and shame are so toxic yet so universal. If there were no secrets, half of the worlds stories would have nothing to tell. We live with our secrets, or try to, but they stay there – nagging – no matter how we try to ignore them.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Secrets”

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  2. Sasha had many secrets that were beginning to swirl around in her head. Many of them were from her wild days of youth, but there was a particular one that was weighing heavy on her mind lately. It was the one that involved her tempestuous affair with a married man. Her relationship with her current husband was, at best, at a detente now, but it was at a total impasse for a couple of years causing an irreparable breach that had chipped away at her very core. She longed for the fiery passion she had experienced with her paramour. He had been the best lover she ever had, and she did love him—still.

  3. Secrets.. I often wonder how many secrets exist in this world and about those that existed!!! While some are blurted out or shared in weaker moments, the others go to the grave with the person. The latter are secrets that got lost forever among the several million neuronal connections in the brain of the person who held it close to his heart… I wish sometimes if we could pull out that one neuronal connection to know the secret… But is it worth pulling out that one connection? Would we really want to know what it would reveal?? Are we ready yet for technology so advanced??

  4. Secrets are such fun. They’re like puzzles to be put together or “who-done-it” novels to be unraveled. Spy stories are full of people leading secret lives. Who among us hasn’t tried to arrange surprises for others involving the keeping of secrets? Some of us can’t help living fanciful secret lives for good or bad; think of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” for one. Even nature keeps secrets year after year after year. How do we know if crops will be good or bad, if storms will be nourishing or devastating, if sickness will stay sickness or morph into epidemic? Only time will reveal these secrets and that’s as it should be. Secrets are part of life, full of life, life giving, life destroying. Secrets can only be known through reverence and respect.

  5. Secrets seem so mystical. What is out there in that huge universe? Are there other planets with life? Is there life after death? Is that where we all go after death? Way out into the universe to other planet(s). Or maybe there are several different planets with afterlife. Some where only the evil dead go. Others where the loveliest dead go. Almost the pattern organized religions teach. Heaven! Hell! Purgatory! Everyone has secrets. I had an aunt whose husband was an authoritarian type. After he had his leg amputated (lucky guy – only one) he became even meaner. She used to take such good care of him. Her secret: when she wanted to have a break and go to a seniors’ get together she would slip him a sedative in his lunch. She would giggle telling the family how she pulled this one over on him. My mother had a secret. After my father deserted her several times she found a lover. Since she was from a Roman Catholic religious family and still married this was a really big secret. I found out by accident. I have a secret as well. I’ll never tell. Well maybe just now right now.

  6. Secrets can bring us together, but tear others apart. I love a juicy secret that drips with the nectar of truth. On Sunday mornings, I read PostSecret and think of all the strangers I passed and wonder which one could have dropped Frank Warren a note about their guilt, weird fetishes or illicit addictions.

  7. “Thump, thump.”
    There was this weird , spooky thumping sound emanating from the bowels, hitherto unseen, of the first floor house. The sound would be clearly audible from the drain in the master bathroom.
    For all practical purposes, the house was locked. and not lived in for the past two years.
    Who could be hammering nails at that ghostly hour of the night, for that is how the thumps would sound . It was a mystery and a secret known only to the house .

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