It was a tiny thing to represent so much. Small as a fingernail, what design it held worn to near invisibility. Inside a miniscule image of my grandmother. The locket was the only keepsake I had of my mother. She’d had it around her neck when her body was found moldering in a garage – a homeless woman with nothing but a bag of rags to her name, except this gold locket around her neck.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Tiny”

  1. Never disdain or dismiss someone or something tiny. Gulliver discovered this in his travels. Little people are little PEOPLE and therefore live with the same human rights and foibles as the rest of us. They are models for us insofar as they teach us to overcome difficulties with grace, dignity and humor.

    Tiny things are often things of beauty which we sometimes overlook because it takes strength and several to “get in our face” or affect our hearing. A snowflake, a soft bar of music are tiny as we encounter them individually but when they multiply physically or by crescendo our senses react. The same goes for tiny things not so beautiful: the first taste of something rancid or the first smell of something acrid for example. Tiny can be overlooked, but we’re the better for it if we don’t.

  2. The baby will be born premature, the doctor had said. Within 7 months of pregnancy labor pain wasn’t expected. But here she was, with clenched fists and a suppressed scream so loud within her that she could barely pay attention. The baby would be born tiny, the doctor warned her, so tiny that it may not even be fully developed. It would need special care and attention if it were to survive. The little thing, in fact, may not survive! With that he left her to suffer.. But this time the pain in her heart was worse than the one in her body!!

  3. After days of having sown the seeds, the turnip shoots emerged into the chilly , wintry morning, when the sun shone . Two tiny green , heart shaped leaves unfurled from a tiny, tightly whorled ,green spindle and awoke, opening up to soak up the sunshine. It shivered in the morning breeze , but bravely struck its tiny head out.

  4. I heard the birds screeching and screaming in the huge old Colorado Blue Spruce near the side of the garage. Running to the window to see what was happening, I could see a flock of some species of birds attacking the Blue Spruce inhabitants who had built their little tiny nests in the safety of the tree branches. There was water nearby and they had felt safe in that old tree. It made me very, very sad to know the tiny baby hummingbirds who had just been born that Spring were gone. It was several years after that until hummingbird families returned. I still don’t know the species of the flock that swooped in to devastate their nests. It was surreal. I never want to hear those noises again. Once was enough.

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