The Rule of Law

The rule of law doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is your point of view, your cause. Nobody thinks they have to follow the rules anymore. I was watching “Downton Abbey” and thinking how restricted by social rules and behavior restrictions they were. It’s a  marvel what a peaceful, nonviolent lives they led.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Rule of Law”

  1. Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novels illustrate a dark side to the rule of law understood the way it was since the end of medieval times. The rule, or basis, of law must always be challenged and interpreted; that’s what lawyers, courts, judges are for, In the scientific world, even through these past centuries where the law of hypothesis ruled there was a “way out”. It used to be that a thing is true unless proven false. Until then we live lives of “as if”. This makes for complacency along with a bit of fooling ourselves. It’s one reason why today “reality is broken” and violence has only grown from at least WWI.

  2. The rule of law is fascinating…..I’m sure our Justice Department would give us more information than we would want to hear. I think particularly in this time of pre-election debates, etc. it’s important. For the past several years my mind has been thinking about the fact that I feel strongly that our country is ready for a revolution of sorts. And when I watch the debates and listen to the political pundits afterwards I wonder, “am I the only one thinking we are really heading for a revolution?” There’s Bernie and there’s Trump. Notice we don’t need any other name, just the one for each. Aren’t they revolutionary in terms of the sort of people we’ve had running for office of President before? What about all the people who are so riled up? And rightfully so! People are becoming fed up with both the Republicans and the Democrats. Thank God for the “rule of law” because I do strongly believe there would be a violent revolution if not for the “rule of law.” I wonder how many people would agree with me.

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