Early Spring

It’s an early spring this year. Record high heat in February with bulbs pushing through the ground, buds ready to unfurl on the trees, and dry soil crying for more water. The whole earth is off schedule.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Early Spring”

  1. From all accounts the high and mighty did their thing in favor of resisting bad effects of global climate change. Still, in Midwest USA, many signs of an early spring say more to us than any factoids, research, or affirmed second-hand witness tales. When I see squirrels in the trees partaking of their buds and shoots about two months ahead of normal; when I witness flocks of robins arriving weeks ahead of time to complete their migration with usual exuberance; when I hear from others that tree, bush, flower buds I realize we’re in for an early spring this year and wonder just where it fits in in the grand scheme of global climatology..

  2. Maybe an early spring will cheer a lot of folks up but I have to admit I’m very disheartened by global warming and this crazy weather. Since I’m an avid gardener and have spent a ton of money over ten years at my last home putting in gorgeous gardens, it’s painful to think what effect the new climate here in Maine will have on my flowers and other plants. They’ll be so confused. They won’t be suited to the new weather. The hotter weather has already warmed the ocean off Maine and impacted the breeding of the sea life – mussels, lobsters, etc. A lot of my plants which have been tenderly cared for over the years probably will not make it in the future. But I truly am more concerned with an early spring being another indicator of global warming and its effect on agriculture which will negatively impact people all over the world.

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