A Cool Dude

There are so many nerdy, nervous, social outcasts who somehow grow up to be cool dudes. The guys who were cool in their youth turn into boring nobodies. If we celebrated the nerdy, nervous, social outcasts in their youth would they grow up to be boring nobodies, too?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “A Cool Dude”

  1. He was stuck at the signal, waiting for the lights to turn green. He would go home, no stops in between, pet his dog and probably go to sleep at the sight of his bed. It had been such a long day at work and his boss’s son,the cool dude that he was, was doing nothing but warming his butt on his chair. Not very cool! As the signal hit green and he sped away dreaming of the warmth of his bed, his phone buzzed. Boss’s son! “Dad needs the auditing to be finished off tonight”. The car turned around at the next signal…

  2. We retired teachers are very lucky. We’ve had a zillion cool dudes who touched us in one way or another on our journey, mostly for the good. When they were young they flaunted coolness as if they were God’s gift to the world. They are of course but just not in the way they intended back then. Life does things. especially when war “service” becomes part of it. Cool changes along with everything else. Those same guys living at the surface of life back then now have a depth to them that makes them really, really cool dudes. They aren’t the “kings of fun” they thought they were. The older, wiser dudes became practitioners of humility, humor, hope, kindness. In my book they are really, really cool. I’m so glad to have known them.

  3. Those fellas in the neighborhood were really cool dudes way back in the fifties. They pomaded their hair like the Fonz, wore their jeans low with big black studded leather belts, rolled their sleeves way up almost to their shoulders, and strutted their stuff with a cigarette dangling from their lips. I really thought they were quite something. I was particularly in awe of them because I had just graduated from a Catholic grammar school where we all wore uniforms and the boys were pretty much gentlemen. I would walk by and they would tease me by whistling. I knew the whistling wasn’t warranted because I was pretty homely and not the type of girl they were seen dating. I would trip and stumble in my nervousness but there was no way you could avoid the cool dudes in the neighborhood. They were everywhere. They really enjoyed getting a rise out of my nervousness.

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