What if you saw a person who was an exact facsimile of you? Would you think you had a twin you didn’t know you had? What if you saw 3 other people who looked exactly like you? What would you think then? That’s the premise of “Orphan Black” and carries out one of the most interesting what if scenarios on television.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Facsimile”

  1. ‘Interesting word, facsimile. It challenged me to check it out, only to discover that in popularity of use it ranks in the bottom 50% of the English language. However facsimile is an entomological root of “fax” and I’m sure that word is above the 50% mark. A synonym with roots in another language and appeals to my ear is “doppelganger.” Facsimile, doppelganger – a rose by any name is just as sweet bottom 50% or not.

  2. I wish someone could have come up with a way in which to create facsimiles of all those precious belongings lost during WWII. Valuable books and legal documents such as village marriages, births, and deaths were destroyed. So many European countries lost huge chunks of their recorded history. Of course, fortunately, there were many people who knew enough to recall and either write down or speak about what was destroyed by the Nazi regime. Clearly, although not exact, these memories are better than nothing. Today, we hear about the atrocities in Syria with ISIS’ attempt to eradicate the people and their history. Will it never end?

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