I Have a Coupon

I regret eating at all those places I didn’t enjoy when spending an evening with Harry. He always announced, “I have a coupon” when eating out was mentioned. We never went anywhere if he didn’t have a coupon. I never felt it really saved anyone any money, and the food in some of those places wasn’t really my favorite. But I never stood up to him. Not once. What a wimp.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “I Have a Coupon”

  1. It had been much fun, after visits to the grocery or variety store, to tote up the amount coupons saved me. No more. Age and infirmities changed all that went into those happenings. There is no more energy left for collecting relevant coupons. The same is true for decision-making before shopping. The joy of saying “I’ve got a coupon for that” is one more thing let go because of the demands of old age.

  2. i have a coupon for lifes experiences, I use it daily. I am almost to the post office maybe ill find more coupons for some staple or snack among the rabble of propaganda in my box. I hope there is a coupon for a new government.

  3. She had earned her money in the true sense-long nights at work, skipping lunches and avoiding dinners. She stared at those bills she now owned, not believing that they were all hers. She walked to the cafe where she ate all her meals, ordered her regular, ate in silence. When the guy came to collect the money, she almost said her usual ‘I have a coupon’ but then smiled and held out the bills instead.

  4. I Have a Coupon, and it’s related to being loyal to the provider. I Have a Coupon is a phrase uttered by many throughout our country and most likely in many others. Coupons are sent to customers from various retail establishments, and they represent a thank you note from them.

  5. A coupon is yes, a little gift from the retailer, awarding the recipient a fun sense of privilege. Why we humans cannot just leave it at that, I will never know. We have a tendency to squish the fun right out of it by turning the gift into a right and the act of redeeming the coupon into a job. How about that Extreme Coupon show that my children told me about? Is it true that some of these peoples families would suffer starvation without the Holy Coupon that saved Mom .25 on butter and .55 on shortening last month?
    The time spent on those precious pieces of paper must also come into consideration. Time is spent on the part of the user and time on the part of the 10 people in line behind them at the grocery check out. Do we all get special coupon rewards for patiently waiting in line behind them? While one individual excitedly pulls out her multiple coupon collections for redemption, ten other people may be being held up from getting to their real jobs on time to make real money. ..I broke the 50 words rule but I couldn’t stop myself!

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