Bringer of Wisdom

In my family the bringer of wisdom is our old soul, my 4 year old daughter. She is unfiltered still, and unafraid to say the truth. The adults might agree with her after she makes a pronouncement on some topic, but they would never utter the words themselves. She teaches us all.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Bringer of Wisdom”

  1. In our household the bringer of wisdom is the TV…my father gets his news from the FOX NEWS Channel; I get fashion advice for the E! Channel & keep up with what’s going on in Italy by watching the Italian channel; my mother ignores the cooking shows I put on for her (OK, so maybe she doesn’t get so much wisdom); my niece and nephew visit and they’re learning Spanish from the telenovelas my mother watches when she thinks no one else is around.

  2. Wisdom isn’t a surface something. It’s the result of experience, insight, openness to the new as well as the ordinary and many other intangibles. A wisdom bringer is someone or something who/that illumines reality probably in ways unthought of previously. The new and the old take on new meanings and importance. Wisdom bringers are some of the treasures we are gifted with in life.

  3. The old man sitting under the peepul tree, on his rope-charpoy, smoking hubble -bubble the whole day long was the village bringer of wisdom. He would sit there, hunched , practically the whole day long, doing precious nothing but smoke his hookah and stare at the trees. People would come and present their queries. There would be a long pause . More bubbling and chillum-smoke . After a long pause , the old man , would deign to remove the pipe from his mouth and proceed to offer solutions , to patiently waiting people. Sometimes , he wouldn’t answer at all. he would just continue smoking his hookah and staring at the trees. People would wait for hours and then go. They would come back again tomorrow.

  4. My 7 years daughter keeps surprising me. No filters what so ever exist between her first impression and her immediate comment. And her ability to find relations between the variables around her is frightening. Sometimes what she says embarresses the adults around, but was she wrong?! Absolutely no. As she is a sniper who never misses the target.

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