Hello Yellow

I love yellow. Yellow makes me happy. I love spring because of the yellow daffodils and the yellow forsythia and the bright clear light that makes the yellow pop like a balm for the winter worn soul. Hello, yellow.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Hello Yellow”

  1. I have a fun childhood memory. Each time my father answered the telephone, he’d open with two words and I always got such a kick out of them. “Mmmm…..’ello!” The “‘ello” that followed the M sound made it seem like he was saying “….yellow.” And it was not a question, it was an exclamation mark! I can still hear his voice to this day, and the intonation of the words. The first part of the word got the accent.
    Years later, yellow became my favorite color. I doubt there was any link between my dad’s unintentional modification of ‘Hello’ to the delight I took in yellow, but who knows what goes on in the mind. What can it hurt to think that one prompted the other?
    Every shade of yellow, every use of it in nature comforts my soul. I love it. I make sure some places in my homes are decorated in yellow. I have yellow kitchen accents in our base home, and plan to make the kitchen in our small getaway house in Michigan red and yellow with a retro theme.
    I tried to enjoy a pair of yellow leather shoes recently, they were so cute, I bought them at a yard sale. But alas! They provided no support to my soles, and I had to pass them along. Just goes to show how once you get yellow into your brain, it can lead you down a wrong path. Ha.
    Looking for clothes, I am always drawn to see what’s yellow on a rack. “Yellow Ducky, I Love You” I sang to my girls in the bathtub. “Call me Yellow Mellow” is a catchy tune as is “Yellow Bird Up High in Banana Tree,” although the rhythm and melodies of those two songs probably have a lot more to do with my attraction to them.
    And so, now you know. I am yellow fan.
    They say God will have all kinds of colors in heaven, besides our basic primary, secondary and tertiary palates. Colors never yet seen by the human eye. Wow. I can’t wait to see them, but I bet i’ll be looking for yellow in the mix. Ha. Color is one of God’s terrific gifts. What is a color that delights you?

  2. If any color “speaks,” it’s yellow. “Yo! I’m here.” Crocus, daffodils, tulips all boldly announce the beginning of Spring while the pinks and whites hold back and whisper. When Nature decides to rest herself in Fall, it’s the yellows that make the biggest splash. A yellow-painted wall signals vibrancy, outwardness and conversation. So it’s definitely “Hello, Yellow, big and brash and beguiling. We’re friends.”

  3. Yellow in the dhoti of the punditji doing Paath
    Yellow in the turmeric of the curry in today’s menu
    Yellow in the rust golden , lush paddy crop,
    Yellow in the saffron that colours my basmati
    Yellow in the gigantic sunflower heads
    nodding in the midday sun, in a field awash with gold
    Yellow in the colour of prosperity of a bride’s trousseau

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