“He couldn’t make it today. He said he’d been here by tomorrow.” She smiled at little Sam, knowing she was breaking his heart.

“But today is my birthday,” Sam said. Tears filled his brown eyes, even as he tried to be tough. He’d faced this same disappointment many times before, but birthdays were extra hard for him.

She hugged him, kissed the top of his tousled head, and said, “You want to read a story?”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow”

  1. Living with tomorrow always in mind can either be practical or a fantasy. It can be the cause of getting things done because it’s essential for planning. It can be the cause of never attaining goals for the same reason. Tomorrow can be the foundation of hope. At the same time we sometimes dread what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow is light in the darkness. At the same time it’s darkness in the light. At rock bottom though, just like the present this future day, tomorrow, will become what we determine it to be.

  2. Tomorrow I will get even with my fate
    Tomorrow The day will dawn brighter
    Tomorrow opportunity shall knock the gate
    Tomorrow I shall be a fighter
    Tomorrow I will not let the neighbour’s dog relieve on my lawn
    Tomorrow I shall transform into a Super(wo)man
    Tomorrow I shall bake perfect brownies
    tomorrow they’ll publish my stories
    tomorrow they’ll acknowledge my genius
    tomorrow there won’t be any fracas
    tomorrow there will be world peace
    tomorrow there’ll be no shouts,no riots
    tomorrow no schools be set on fire by compatriots
    tomorrow in parliament, no pandemonium
    tomorrow at meetings, no acrimony,no bad blood
    tomorrow everyone will be fed, no lack of food

  3. Because it’s another day, don’t become too obsessed with what you must accomplish tomorrow. That is the necessary attitude when dealing with stressful situations today. We often feel that if we don’t accomplish today’s goal, there is no way we will get to tomorrow’s task. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

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