Here we are again,
Waiting for the sunrise.
Tonight we’ll be waiting
For darkness.
Waiting to get up,
Waiting to go to bed,
Waiting to live.

No more waiting!
Make it now,
Make it happen,
Make it real.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. We’re always waiting for SOMETHING. We wait all week for the weekend: we wait by the phone for that special someone to call; we wait for payday so we can have some money in our pocket; we wait for spring break to break out the bathing suit that’s been sitting in the drawer all year; we wait for memorial day weekend to have a cookout; we wait for midnight on new years eve to kiss someone; we wait for the right time to leave our lover; we wait until we’re established in our career to start a family; we wait until it’s five o’clock to have that first cocktail; we wait until new years day to start that diet or quit smoking; we wait for the client to call back.

  2. Simone Weil described the way she lived her life as “Waiting in patience.” The more I’ve ruminated on this, the more I’ve come to understand that she’s right. Waiting IS life; it’s dynamic and active.. It’s never just a prelude; it’s not static; it’s vibrant. It’s never apart from reality; it’s not a state of wall-flowerism; It’s integral to the dance. We can and do learn immeasurably in our waiting moments. I treasure my waiting moments.

  3. Agreed: Waiting is a part of life. Sometimes the waiting can be painful. Waiting for the courage to leave a bad marriage. Waiting for someone to finally find peace in dying after a long illness. Waiting for the results of your tests to discover what is wrong with your body. Waiting for the word that you’ve been approved for a mortgage or waiting to hear that you’ve been accepted to a college of your choice. Then there’s the other side of the coin. There is the wonderful excitement of waiting for the spring bulbs to emerge after a long winter or to see how the plants you have put in your gardens are thriving. Waiting for the delivery of the newborn baby. Waiting for good news from your adult children or grandchildren. Waiting either negatively or positively is filled with the opportunity to think deeply about yourself and your life. With each experience it appears to me that I have grown and matured. All kinds of waiting have etched my soul. It has made me what I am now.

  4. Day
    just there
    behind trees,
    below the sleeping
    hills, hollows and homes
    still drift in misty dreams
    of fire, smoke, dirt, and lovesongs
    and the memory of light, sun
    wakes birds to sing, hearts to lift, soft winds
    to play sweet green music with new-formed leaves.

  5. Waiting for the bus, for school bus in childhood.
    That was some waiting .
    The school was some 6kms from home . Reluctance to trudge that distance either on foot or by slow moving rickshaws, would prompt me to land at the bus stop, some 20 minutes before time .
    Those 20 minutes were mostly filled with counting the number of bricks exposed in the plaster-peeling wall of the government office building , across the road. But mostly , I was idling.
    Except for exam time , when sanskrit shlokas, French Revolution, algebra,Indus Valley , organic chemistry, grammar ,calculus and hindi proverbs waged a chaotic war inside the cranial confines .
    Once , in this dazed state of cramming , I heard an ominous rapid grating of metal on macadam, coming from somewhere behind me . My anagrams for various UN bodies was quickly shattered by the noise coming closer to me by the second, accompanied by galloping sounds made by certain hooves and warning , desperate shouts from human throats.

    I turned to face …..

  6. Time is like a cold-blooded criminal who bores into your eyes, torturing you until the very last second of your life. It slips through all sorts of memories , a prime element to torture you in everyway you turn as it strikes you in the back like a betrayer.
    Of course the minutes of tension building up again and again is all time’s fault for all we know it is as deafening as the piercing sound of silence. In some ways it is innocent , it does what its duty is: to count our very seconds on earth till we lay in peace in our graves. In other ways, it is a reminder of fear that you will someday depart from your loved one or ones. Of course there are some who do not fear time nor feel that it is innocent as they wait, just wait regardless of time ,till they close their eyes in an eternal sleep.

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