At Home

We were most at home by the lake. Clean, clear water to swim and fish in. Catfish for dinner after a nap in the hammock between two aged sycamore trees. Evenings on the porch watching Orion rise and fly across the sky. When I need to be at home in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, I go back there to that cabin by the lake and I am calm.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “At Home”

  1. Home is where the heart is, so they say. In my case in younger days that was certainly true and it’s still true to an extent. North, East, South, West; house, institution, hotel, motel, cottage, farm, high-rise; universities, lakefront imagined as ocean but giving up perch only, forest streams that offered crappies, blue gills and other tasty fish. All this and more were places of the heart and therefore homes to me. Of course, it had nothing to do with the places and everything to do with ambiance: relationships and inherent beauty found with “eyes that could see.” Of course age had a bit to do with things also. Now home, for me, still depends on ambiance and relationships but with differences important to an older body, mind, spirit, heart. “At home….” Ah, memories made and evolving!

  2. We are living a very unsettled life. After ten years on and off trying to sell our home to move to another part of the state we finally closed on our home in January. Everyone knows how the real estate market dropped and homes were devalued. We actually wound up selling for less than we paid. We also over eighty-five thousand in renovations to the late 1800’s cape with a waterview. This was the first time that we were unable to secure a new place because the housing inventory is so low. Needless to say, our budget is as well since we lost so much at our retirement ages. Part of our family included three adopted pets: a rescue dog and two kitties. Try and find a small temporary rental when you own pets. Try to find a rental when you live in an area where almost everything is rented out to vacationers. Rents are sky high. We finally found someone who had never rented during winter. We didn’t last long – one month only because in twenty degree weather the owner ran out of oil. We also had to wait two long weeks to have a plumbing problem repaired. So there we were again feeling like Mary and Joseph with no room at the inn. Fortunately, we learned from a lovely gentleman that someone would be in touch with us who would be willing to rent to all five of us temporarily as long as we vacated by June 1st. As we moved our carload of temporary belongings, including three pets, to the second temporary rental a feeling of being homeless filled us. Lo and behold: we arrived at a little cottage on the water. The owner, one of four sisters, told us her father had built this and never lived in it because he died. The minute we two bedraggled things walked into the cottage we felt “at home.” It wasn’t decorated poshly with furnishings or décor you felt you shouldn’t touch. It was warm, comfortable, immaculate, well stocked with everything, and most of all, owned by a lovely family. The end to the story is that we have finally found our new home and will be moving the beginning of May. We will forever be grateful to have been able to stay in the cottage on the shore. You can feel love here! I really think the owners’ father’s spirit is content here.

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