The streets were full of diners. This one smelled of pancakes. “Hungry?” she asked.

She didn’t wait for his answer. She grabbed his arm and pulled him inside. The warmth of the small space enveloped them with its aroma of coffee and and bacon.

She pushed him into a booth. “We’re having breakfast,” she said.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Hungry?”

  1. It’s very early Spring. Most people revel in warmer weather due to more sun and basking in the glory of colorful flowers and grass. I, instead, delight in birds seen that aren’t around at other times of the year. Or they engage in different behavior now than is usual. Recently a few crows developed a flyway past our windows at dusk. Pigeon residents from under the bridge venture out to make short trips wheeling in nearby space and soon return to (what)? The other night a blue heron flew his? her? stately way along the river fork. Ducks, geese and other regulars are very active right about now. Are they hungry? Are some of them in the act of feeding the hunger of a mate? Are they nurturing their hungry young? No matter. Every one of them signals life and that’s glorious.

  2. Although we just experienced a snowstorm it will all melt very quickly at this time of year. Today it is quite windy and huge gusts blow up from the water and across the landscape. Clouds of snow blow off the roofs dancing in the wind. Even so with all that I am hungry for Spring. I am hungry for the fresh earthy scent of the garden. Hungry for the seemingly magic of all the Spring bulbs popping their little colorful heads up through the soil. As senior as I am – I am hungry, oh so hungry for Spring and the joy it brings me. I want to leap and dance outside in the fields. A crazy woman in the midst of her happiness for this season’s debut. Ah, but my hunger doesn’t prevent me from thinking that I’ve seen so many beautiful Springs. That doesn’t prevent me from wondering how many more I might be lucky enough to see. Happy Spring ! Happy Easter to all!!

  3. When I am about to take the first bite of my veg burger , and I see the sad eyes of a dusty boy staring at me from the streets.
    When a famous batsman swaggers onto the pitch and the crowd goes mad with adulation , chanting his name.
    When the skies open up their tightly guarded treasure of raindrops and the parched earth swirls up its dusty arms, reaching up.
    When a chance visit to a library , opens up the past and the kid’s eyes to an era long ago, and the kid is most definitely hooked.
    When someone comes home with a tantalisingly close-to-the-top score, and is told that he/she can do it!!
    The aroma of a freshly baked cake, escaping the confines of the kitchen and waltzing down the street, in gay abandon.
    The inner drive that keeps one awake , in the wee hours of night , tapping at the keyboard,in a mad quest.
    When the fragrance of toasted cumin combines with crushed cardamom pods.

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