The Sky

I don’t look at the sky enough. Now that the weather is warming up, perhaps I’ll spend more time outside after dark enjoying the stars. It’s easy to glance up at the sunrise or sunset, the swooping birds or passing planes during the day, which I do often. But the night sky has gone from my frequent view. I miss it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “The Sky”

  1. I never look at the sky. Well, I don’t spend much time outside. If I’m outside it’s because I’m smoking a cigarette, or walking to or from the car. I can’t remember ever having said “Look at all the stars”, but maybe that’s because there really aren’t any stars to be seen from my Brooklyn backyard…and/or I don’t get out of the city and go anyplace where stars can be seen.

  2. In most urban areas you can’t see the stars in the evening because of all the street lighting. I’ll never forget the first time I was visiting someone’s summer home at the top of a mini-mountain in New York State. We teenagers all went outside after dinner and were lying on the grass alongside a spring-fed pond. The night was dark. An owl hooted in the woods somewhere close by. We could feel soft languid breezes kiss our faces as we stared up at the stars. It seemed as if there were trillions. It seemed as if someone had spilled a salt shaker. It was moving, mystical and unforgettable. Another thing I absolutely love is catching sight of the migrating v-formation geese make. Dark black shadows against the sky. Breathtaking in their annual seasonal rite. Spring and fall each provide a different backdrop for one of nature’s spectacular sights in the sky.

  3. To encourage her girl child (me) my feminist mother (“given” the vote by the male powers that were when she was nine years of age) used to say “The sky’s the limit…..” Like so much else that’s no longer true – in a good way. There is NO limit (including in the area of gender inequality) for anyone. But that’s not my point here where I wanted to speak of the night sky that envelops my condo . O’Hare Airport reconfigured its runways and therefore it’s flight paths. ‘Most every night planes come in and leave in different directions and we figure in a few of them. Sometimes they use a straight east/west pattern. On Fridays it’s north/south. Because helicopters hover almost every night they are also part of the nightly sky tableau. People decry light pollution. I have some problem with this. There is so much human living in my night sky

  4. None of us look at the sky anymore.There is much more to occupy one’s senses down here , on the planet.Cars, houses, flyovers, restaurants and “night life”.
    All the while , the sky , whether bejeweled with teeming stars, blazing gold with the sun or shrouded with clouds, keeps looking
    down at us , bemusedly.
    The sky is wise, old . For thousands of years, man has looked up to the sky, in bewilderment, amazement, and gratitude.When things surprise and sadden , satiate and gladden, mesmerize and madden, man has forever looked up at the sky.
    Even the atheists among us will agree that the sky in monsoon, after a thundershower or before one , is a numbingly humbling experience . When we look up , we look at infinity, at the marvel that begat all life, at our creator himself.
    The other day my elder kid came rushing back from the bus-stop to grab my cellphone . It had rained in the wee hours of the morning and the eastern end of the sky was still full of dark cumulonimbus, looming large. The sun rose , nevertheless, behind the cloud cover, lining the dark giants with glittering silver,the rays piercing the dark body too, wherever it espied a gap.

  5. A hard day at work and a sad fight later, she walked home alone, longing to share the lows of her day with someone. But the one she wanted to share it with was miles away. She looked at the sky, a tear slipping down her cheek. She looked at the moon wondering if it was a trick. For she saw him in it and she breathed out her sorrow!

  6. My elders often talked of Sky Father and Earth mother and how they were eventually forced apart. When she looked up she saw her own beauty in him and likewise he looked down and saw his beauty in her. That was the time of AROHA – the love that heals. I love looking at the sky.

    1. I was born and raised in Idaho. For any of you that don’t know, that’s known as “Big Sky Country”. The sky is the most incredible blue and seemed to go on forever. In the little town I lived in, I could see the mountains in every direction. I thought they were holding up the sky. I felt like nothing bad could ever happen to us because we were protected by the mountains and the Big Sky.

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