Best Prank

I spent most of my life with 4th graders, so the April Fools Day pranks I got were of the quality, “There’s a spider in your hair.” I’m not a great one to invent pranks myself – not a prankster, me. But I can appreciate one. There was that time the . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

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5 thoughts on “Best Prank”

  1. Because I’m an easy mark, I’ve been the butt of many jokes and pranks. People don’t have to go great lengths to hoodwink me. Funny though, that doesn’t hold in important things. Perhaps I’m one of the lucky ones for whom “Don’t sweat the small things” comes easy. Small is open to laughs at my own expense but the big is watched. This makes for a good life and deepening friendships .

  2. Well I don’t know if it qualifies as a “best prank”, but when I was a teenager, I was in the shower one April first (and I’m known for taking long showers) my cousin barreled through the bathroom door screaming that the house was on fire. I of course jumped out of the shower and ran out of the bathroom (naked and wet). Only there was no fire. Instead there was my cousin’s laughing boyfriend, my two younger sisters, another cousin, and I’m not sure which one of them took the picture (or where that picture is now).

  3. During my teen years there was a small soda fountain/candy shop on our block. We all used to congregate in this tiny cramped space after school and on weekends. How the owners tolerated us I haven’t a clue. You have to keep in mind that it was in the days before cell phones. There was a wooden telephone booth in the shop. If there are some of you who aren’t familiar with a phone booth, it had a tiny little seat affixed to the corner with the telephone hanging opposite and a wee slice of shelf under the phone. When you entered and closed the one bi-fold door a fan whirred on way up high. There were glass panels all around so that one was visible to all outside. We girls decided it was time to play a trick on any one of the boys who used to love to torment us. We had an old nylon stocking and shoved it up into the fan at the top of the booth. It was rigged so that it would blow out when the fan went on. You can imagine the shock on that unfortunate boy when he went in to make a call and an unidentified flying object flew out from near the ceiling. We laughed so hard. I think that boy aged by quite a bit after that best prank ever.

  4. I played a trick on my little sister when she was 7 years old. My sister wanted to grow a garden. I told her that Cheerios were do-nut seeds and, they would grow do-nut trees. For 3 months she carefully watered the ground where she’d planted the do-nut seeds.

  5. Being the family baby ,made me the easy target for a lot of pranks, most of which I do not remember or forgave . Some are burnt into my memory, branded with the red-hot iron of embarrassment, never to be forgotten or forgiven either.

    Once we were exploring a derelict room of an old family mansion. There were lot of such rooms . This particular room had crumbling bookshelves , termite eaten books and a tall dusty window, with a pretty window seat, cool and inviting. Once the thick layer of dust had been wiped off by eager hands , I requested a tall cousin to place me on the seat. He ignored me . I must have pestered him/thrown a tantrum, for he grimaced and hauled me up. I sat there , holding the cool rusty , window bars, seeing the wildly overgrown garden outside. Thrilled , I must have been too immersed in the sights and sounds outside , to not notice when the room turned dark and silent.

    The entire retinue of siblings , cousins had disappeared without a trace . The little devils had even switched off the lone yellow bulb, latched the door shut and abandoned me . Too terrified to even jump off the seat, I clung to the window bars, and let out a series of blood -curdling howls . I assure you , it was one of the most terrifying moments of my life.

    What seemed an eternity later, I heard the latch turn , and saw , with relief and anger , the grinning visages of all of them .They had been hearing my agonised wails standing right outside the door, all this while .

    I don’t remember who let me down . What I remember is sulking for an entire week.

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