Mime waving bye bye

Gerri never says, “Bye.” She says, “Ciao.” Pretentious, don’t you think? Maggie says, “Bye Bye,” several times – isn’t once enough? Allison waves and says, “Laterz,” like she was still a teenager. Really, why can’t any of my friends just say, “Bye,” like a normal person – like me?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Bye”

  1. “Bye, George,” I said.

    “Yeah,” he said, his eyed behind Oakley sunglasses, “see you around.” That was a lie & we both knew it. He wouldn’t see me around, wouldn’t see me at all. Not after my antics last night.

    I got on the MetroNorth train…the train that was leaving Westchester and taking me back into the city. As the train pulled out, I pulled on my knockoff Coach shades so the other passengers wouldn’t see me cry.

    “Bye, George,” I quietly said to no one in particular. And it was goodbye forever to that beautiful man & the life I COULD HAVE HAD with him, if only I wasn’t a drunk and a complete fuck up.

    Forty-five minutes later, we pulled into Grand Central. I knew what I had to do. I got off, my bag as heavy as the world, and hailed a cab. “Smithers clinic,” I told the cabbie, “on 45th and 9th. I’m goin to rehab.”

  2. There’s a priest at our church who always finds a way to insert these words into the sermon he’s preaching on that particular day: “It’s all in relationship.” Over the years I’ve found he’s absolutely right. I said “Bye” to my mother in the throes of Alzheimer’s very differently than I say the same word to the neighbor I leave on the elevator as I go to my car or to someone in whose presence I delighted over lunch or a loved one who’s leaving me for a long time. The list is as endless and as varying as people who inhabit my days. “Bye” gives or takes life-energy because of relationships and how they inhabit my days. .

  3. “Bye” is for adults. Bye-bye is for little ones. Bye is very casual. Every day after working in an office I’d stop in to see the grandparents who took care of me as a child. They’d be having dinner and were always so glad to see me. I’d say a quick hi and luv you as I walked through the kitchen while they were eating. I never wanted to interfere with their eating. Just share the love on a daily basis. Then as I left through the kitchen door bye – see you tomorrow. Now I know how much that must have meant to them when they went through their own “empty nest syndrome” after my brother and I no longer needed their babysitting while my mother worked. Years later when I had children we would excitedly say, “let’s go bye-bye now.” They were all psyched because they knew we were going to have a grand time visiting some park, museum, or whatever event was going on nearby. Finally, now that I have a small companionable dog there’s nothing more funny than when I ask her if she’s ready to go bye-bye. I grab her lash and try to fasten it on her as she wiggles her tail and prances like a pony in her excitement to go outdoors. For me bye is a very comfy word.

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