I Thought

I thought I wanted to be “happy.” I had no idea what happy was or what it looked like, but that’s what I wanted. Maybe I thought it meant being in love. Or going out and having fun. Or getting the material things I wanted. In the years since then, I’ve learned that happiness has nothing to do with any of those things, but . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

11 thoughts on “I Thought”

  1. I thought you were happy with him. He seemed every bit the perfect gentleman, perfect husband, perfect father to your children. How could I have known that behind that perfect facade a monster was lurking all this time.

  2. I thought of how things had ended; how our happiness had – at first – withered in slow and agonizing misery on the altar of gambling, thinly veiled as sickness with no cure, before deciding to run away and stay so far and never come back until…
    Until death did us part.

  3. Everytime he tried to do something on Barbara’s account without discussing it with her and he goofed, he’d say, “I thought…” Goddamit, she’d respond. I told you not to think. Whenever you think on my behalf you screw things up. Why can’t you talk to me first to see what I think. Do you want to try and do my own thinking for me too? Please cut it out. Everytime you think why don’t you just stop and call me to discuss it first and see if your thinking is in sync with what I think? Why do you persist on f’ing up every single time? Why do you create problems for me with my own family by taking it on yourself to speak to them about what you think I feel? It’s none of your goddam business. Don’t think on my behalf. You’re always, wrong. I can’t believe you’re so controling. You drive me crazy. After all these years I find you still don’t even understand me. Time and time again, your response to me when you screw everything up is, “I thought….”

  4. I thought my husband and I would grow old together. Well, that’s not going to happen now. He’s gone. Why would he do that to me? He promised never to leave me. I’m so angry. More afraid than angry. How can I live without him? I don’t think I can. I don’t want to. I don’t know how. But I must be strong. Leaving me for a younger woman, is unforgivable. So I must live… for revenge.

  5. I thought I was ready before. I kept saying “today is the day I change. Today is the day.” But none of those days were the days. Many days later and here I am telling myself. “Today is the day”. Who knows, maybe today is the day. I hope so.

  6. I thought it would go without a hitch, but like everything in life, there always seems to be a factor that complicates things. The operation had gone well and the post-op recuperation period had been slow but favorable. On the actual day of the transfer, the hemoglobin began dropping indicating internal blood loss from the incision site…Change of plans…

  7. I thought we planned well. We looked at all the options and made the right decision. The surprise came when what we thought was totally different than what we experienced. What followed was the adventure of a lifetime with many twists and turns and not the straight path we wanted.

  8. I thought since I chose to break the curse that he would too. My hands dirty with planting truth and sowing love, now soiled with the grief of burying him. Both of us barely adults, making decisions about the worth of a heartbeat. I chose his, he didn’t choose mine.

  9. I thought the day would be cloudy and breezy with occasional showers. It started out with this promise and ended up hot and humid .
    I thought you would ping me today , but you didn’t and in vain I spent hours scanning my junk mail and spam inboxes.
    I thought today , at the auspicious time of 1515hrs they will announce the lottery winners and I will find my number there, but I guess the ecstasy will have to wait.
    I thought the day will go according to plans and there won’t be glitches, traffic jams and irritating neighbours , but my neighbour’s maid threw their waste water onto my lawn for the umpteenth time , and her dog dug up my petunias.
    I thought that the day was ruined , as the lawn was flooded with murky water and petunias all dug up, no rain or prizes, but I was rewarded when my child returned from the school with an A+ on her dance file , a skip in her step, and laughter playing on her lips -“What are you standing in the mucky lawn for ?Who dug up the petunias ?” She asked and burst into laughter , I joined her and dismissed the minor travails of life with a swish of the magic wand of mirth,the sun shone bright and clouds dispelled.

  10. I thought I knew joy,
    but then I had a child.
    I thought I knew grief,
    but then I lost a child.
    I thought I knew love,
    but then I lost the best of all.
    I thought I knew it all,
    but then I found
    I know nothing at all.

  11. I thought about overcoming writer’s block. It caused me to think critically and take action. Sometimes writers just can’t write due to various reasons. I wanted to avoid that, and today I decided to sit down and write. When I thought about overcoming writer’s block, I took a significant step.

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