Marge had to move to think. Walking, pacing, playing catch with the dog, planting tomatoes. All those activities were her way of thinking. If she had to sit still to read, check email, or watch TV she went blank. Somehow the muscles fired the synapses for her. How do you keep moving constantly in the modern world?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Move”

  1. Each time Carol had to have a surgical procedure and stay in the hospital she would wind up hearing one of the staff say, “move.” The time after her first baby was born, “as soon as you move around and take a shower, we’ll order the burger you wanted.” The time after her minor out-patient procedure when she woke up to find a male in the other recovery room bed and had to use the bathroom. No one responded to her pushing the buzzer near her pillow. This time she said to herself, “move or you’re going to wet this bed.” So she dragged herself up, still somewhat groggy, and staggered down the hall to the bathroom. After her foot surgery at a major teaching hospital she consistently heard from her physical therapist that she had to move that foot. Had to use it. Had to put weight on it. “Move yourself this way to compensate for the loss of 100% usage of your foot.” Post surgery the last time after having her kidney removed, as she lay in the recovery room bed feeling as if she were on another planet, she could hear herself talking: “You’ve got to move so you can recover fast.” She knew by this time, after so many experiences, she had better “move.”

  2. I can’t make a move without you, that’s what I mean when I say you’re overbearing. I go somewhere & you call my phone every ten minutes wanting to know what I’m doing, when I’m coming home, who I’m with; I’m in the bathroom (the bathroom for god’s sake) and you barge in, see me sitting on the toilet, and ask me what I’m doing. I’m not running an illegal dice game, that’s for sure. I get that I’m a recovering alcoholic and even after I’ve been sober three and a half years you don’t trust me not to drink, but can I at least take a pee by myself? I’m a grown woman.

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with the idea of moving. It’s happened very often during a long lifetime and it doesn’t get any easier. However when a move is completed, times are usually better because of the hassle. Nowadays in each visit to each doctor – and there are more than I want to admit – orders, suggestions, recommendations never omit the dictum: “You’ve got to keep moving. Find ways to move.” Still there’s a love-hate relationship with the notion of moving.

  4. “Use it or lose it .” was Dr. Mehra’s mantra. Dr, Mehra was the orthopaedic surgeon of the small blue nursing home, down by the road .
    After every surgery, be it a trivial metacarpal fracture or a serious THR(Total Hip replacement), he would visit his post-op room and expound this piece of wisdom with utter gravitas. “Move “, the nurse would doggedly take up the case of mobility after bone surgeries . “Movement is life .” She would whisper in her gravelly voice into ears of groaning, gowned, crouching ,souls , dragging their painful limbs across the gleaming floor of the corridor.

    So, it was Dr. Mehras turn today. By a strange twist of fate , he emerged from a bad RTA(Road Traffic Accident)to stare at his broken ribs and tibia on the X-Ray display unit in his own OPD.
    Two days later , still groggy from anaesthesia , and pain searing his limbs , he heard his own words echo back at him,albeit in a soft-spoken manner-“Use it or lose it, sir ” chanted his favourite pupil from his bed side , as the nurse readied a walker, “Movement is life Sir “She crooned .

  5. Moving to and fro the living room, decisions could not be made for the family that lost their savings on a wrong choice. They should have gone home instead of betting on that horse. It was a family affair, they had on their mind at that time of hyped emotions and uncontrolled thoughts. But now that not a cent is left, the hands of the clock move but their thoughts won’t.

  6. Dandelions,
    the glint of sun on glass,
    seeds uncurling from soil,
    the laugh in your blue eyes,
    and I am moved to tears and joy.

  7. The move went smoothly, and Brie was ready for her new adventure at the Cape. The house she had rented was spacious but at the same time, cozy. She could see the surf pounding the glistening rocks by the shore as she stood mesmerized at the wide bay window. The house was a perfect fit for her, and the scenery was inspiring enough to make her creative juices flow. She started setting up her easel and canvas. Her stagnant painting career was about to take off…

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