It’s a simple joy, yet profound. It makes me smile with pleasure at just the knowing. All the stretching and grunting and shuffling needed to move beyond it still wait. The night is passed with its troubling dreams. And here it is, morning. Morning when I wake up to one more day. And I smile.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Joy”

  1. And you’re a monster, taking joy in the misfortune of others. The neighbor’s business has gone bankrupt, causing him to move his family to a less desirable part of town…normal people are sorry for him. But YOU, you’re gleefully saying “good riddance” as he goes, knowing he’ll have to rebuild his and his family’s lives with nothing. He wasn’t even a bad neighbor, you’re just happy he failed at life.

  2. One of the girls in class was named Joy. At the time I thought “Who would name their child after a quality rather than after some familial or famous human being?” That was then. This is now. I’m no longer rendered speechless hearing people’s names: Dakota, Apple, Queen Latifah, JJ are a few. Add to these all those stemming from continental origins other than Europe and the USA. I told one woman I liked her name, Jasmine. She confided that one reason she liked living here was that in her Pakistani home town she lived in an apartment building where one mother would call for her daughter Jasmine and most of the girls within earshot would respond. For her, a joy of repatriation is self-identity.

  3. Joy – so full of love and happiness when the expected infant is born and one looks at its tiny face with closed eyes, button of a nose, and warm flailing limbs. When one is breathless with the wonder of an outrageously colorful sunrise or sunset. When something catches at your heart and soul filling you with the inability to express yourself because you are so full of emotion that you think you won’t be able to stand it much longer. I can go on and on but I think you know what I mean. We all find joy in the things that are the most important to us.

  4. Rapture, ecstacy, a moment of utter, speechless joy. Plain, unmixed, undiluted .
    Once at a traffic light , I saw a beggar crouching in the semidarkness of the shade offered by a flyover . His eyes were closed as he focussed on a simple job at hand . Eating a mango. He had long ago eaten the flesh, and now was scraping the skin with his teeth and sucking at the seed with complete focus.
    No amount of honking and screeches from tyre-treads could break that stupor of complete enjoyment. He had that look in his eyes that spoke of ecstasy.The word rapture evokes this very scene in front of my eyes , seen so many summers ago in an alien metropolis.

  5. Joy is a state of being. It reminds me of the Christmas carol “Joy to The Word,” bringing forth peace and well being. A time to be grateful and count my blessings. It’s a window that brings in the light. A shelter from darkness. Best of all for me Joy is a gift from God.

  6. The unbound joy manifested by a dog when they see their owner is a very unique experience for a pet parent. It is pure unconditional love that no human being can provide. To one another. I believe there a quote by the American humorist, Josh Billings that says: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” This is so true, and I consider myself blessed to have such a companion.

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