Traffic isn’t personal. Yet we develop road rage because we take it personally. It isn’t about us, but we make it about us. There should be Burma Shave type signs along the roadways that remind us that traffic isn’t personal.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Personal”

  1. Is ANYTHING personal anymore? We post pictures of our dinner on Instagram, broadcast our every movement on Twitter (seriously, no one gives a rip that you’re sitting on the couch), document our every conversation, no matter how meaningless, on Facebook, and live stream the birth of our children on YouTube. Does nobody want a private life anymore? Will there come a day when we’re ALL like the Kardashians, going about our lives with camera crews following us?

  2. @Cara, I think you are correct, there is nothing personal or intimate anymore. I think computer use is making people less compassionate. Remember the flush of love when two hearts could beat as one in the middle of the night? The virtual do world of computers has replaced that. You can say anything to anyone on a computer and feel it’s real without human contact. It’s very sad indeed.

  3. It’s personal. Don’t hear that often. She strove to protect her privacy although the public was constantly demanding she respond to questions that were oh so personal. Being the lead actor in a new highly successful Broadway show brought a degree of fame. She was slowly realizing that although she had finally achieved her goal she was going to have to give up even more. Was it going to be worth it to be constantly scrutinized more intently from now on? What would they dig up from her past? The too early marriage that failed? The numerous lovers she’d gone through in her career climbing up the “ladder?” The fact that basically she was a whore selling herself to the highest bidder in order to get a choice part in a movie or play? That phony mask she wore of sweet innocence would be torn off. She would be exposed for what she was. An exploiter being exploited. Truth be told: it was all personal.

  4. If there’s no “personal” or private in the 21st century, like everything else that happens on this planet nowadays, it’s due to the fact we live in the Anthropocene Era. Eh, what??? Anthropocene means that everything – EVERYTHING – that happens in the universe is due to we humans. I remember teaching junior high kids in late ’60’s early ’70’s and being stunned at how much of their private personal and family lives they disclosed in public AND that was before computers came into the picture (pun intended). Point? Privacy is not only a right but a responsibility. Responsibilities involve the future. We can’t afford to be caught up only in the present…..

  5. “Now don’t take this personally,” he said. “It’s the economy, Mom. You don’t really know what’s going on, do you?”

    She shook her head. “What do I need to do? I trust your judgement.”

    He smiled. A cat with a canary could not have looked more satisfied.

  6. Here is a story about a woman, a member of a social club. When given the results of recent medical tests she was told that she needed a devastating surgery. She could not find it within herself to tell any one this news except her immediate family. Weeks after the surgery finding the strength to begin some social activity she went to her club. There she found the ladies of the club cool and unwelcoming. She was hurt, because she did not share what was personal.

  7. He was an intensely private person.Even talking to neighbours would give him sweaty palms and jitters. He would shun social company ,and go to great lengths to avoid meeting anyone, wriggling out of party invitations , and excusing himself from reasons to invite people over. He was painfully shy, happy in his own personal space.
    He was known to enter his own home from the backyard ,jumping over gourd vines, like a thief , to avoid feminine gaggle chatting with his wife at the doorstep.

  8. Lance opened his late wife’s closet. She had died suddenly a few months before, and he had not been able to face the task of cleaning it out before now. He figured it was time to give away her clothing and some of her belongings other people could use.

    As he started removing some boxes from the top shelf, he came across a rectangular shaped one marked “Personal” in her unmistakable script. There were old pictures of the places they had visited, some stubs from the Met and birthday and Valentine Day’s cards from him that she had kept. A smaller metallic box caught his attention. It had a small lock on it. He was able to twist it off and opened it.

    Inside was a black and white picture of a man he didn’t recognize, more or less his age. He opened a sealed white envelope that was full of letters. His hands trembled as he unfolded the pieces of paper and read the salutation: My love, my sweetness, my all…

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