She always went to far. Beyond the boundary. Over the limit. She made sense at first, gathered her arguments and points. Then she slipped past that into realms where no one could follow. How could she be reined in?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Beyond”

  1. Death looms large in oldies’ thinking – the “great beyond, ” the unknown. Side by side with those thoughts come thoughts of courage, humor, evolution, a better world as legacy and many others. Another thought that refuses to go away: beyond is like “the wide blue yonder” invitation we’ve all received and either accepted or ignored throughout life. Is “beyond” or “wide blue yonder” – one or the other or both – a way we phrase our personal and life long one-item bucket list? Reaching out to the “great beyond,” whatever that is….

  2. Just beyond the city limits on the north side of town there is this deserted weird looking house. I guess you would call it Victorian with a strange looking copula. The whole house is a dirty grey with large windows , almost like french doors, but they were definitely windows and not doors. Half of the windows on the first floor were boarded. Today as I drove by on the way to work I noticed a police car and wondered what was going on….

  3. I sort of think Beyond is not a thing, but a person.
    Now that I have lost both my parents, “Beyond” is on my mind a lot more than it used to be. Mom loved Garland’s rendition of “Over the Rainbow”, which leads the listener into the dreamy depths of a paradise filled with bluebirds flying and resplendent colors. Coupled with that is the notion of wondering why we cannot fly like the birds and get there.
    Of course for the Christian, we can, once our soul departs from our body. The Lord comes for us and puts us into “autopilot” and off we go. When my mom was dying her eyes were fixed on the ceiling of her ICU room, and she raised her arms up for four hours without tiring. You have to know that was the Lord, drawing her to heaven. Her face was glued on Him and perhaps she saw other believers who had already transcended earth,–friends and realtives, my dad and Grandpa among them, and angels. When her second husband gently tried to pull her arms down, she would have none of it. She raised them back up and continued gazing, as if in transfixed worship. Which she was.
    She saw the Beyond all right. Nothing else would have made it possible for a ninety three year old woman to hold her arms up in the air for four hours without tiring.
    Jesus beckoned to her. She welcomed Him with open arms. He is the Beyond of this life. Alleluia.

  4. He lived in the beyond . People called him an escapist at first. A mild term , probably indicating a temporary set back. An affliction that could be probably cured.Like common cold, or an attack of flu. First people would humour him, walk along with him, chat , laugh at his sincerely bared imperfections of thoughts.
    Slowly, as the aberrations continued, and cemented themselves, people started avoiding him. Innocuous arguments turned violent. He was isolated.Now, all he had was his own cockeyed view of things and his books. He was seen talking to himself, muttering and gesturing wildly , walking in short outbursts of energy and languishing into meanders ,sticking his tongue out to a nodding chameleon on a rock , while vehicles honked at his back in exasperation.

  5. Seeing the word “Beyond” reminds me of a program I used to watch as a young girl called “One Step Beyond.” It was along the same lines as “The Twilight Zone” dealing with the supernatural. I used to enjoy it, but haven’t seen it being replayed in any of the cable channels. I’m hoping one of these days to catch it while I’m flipping the channels with the remote.

  6. The word “beyond” absolutely prompts my mind into hearing Bobby Darin singing, “Beyond The Sea.” Something like … my lover waits for me on golden sands ta da da. Hah! I’m sure we’ve all been there bemoaning a lost love until we eventually get over it and realize if the relationship were ever permanent, we would have made a huge mistake in judgment. But getting back to “beyond:” There’s also “Beyond The Blue Horizon”…..and as one of the other writers mentioned…we’re always thinking about beyond where we are presently and what will happen to us when we die. So my question too – beyond the sea and the blue horizon what will be waiting for us?

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