The Pitch

Over and over throughout the day, she rode the ski lift with potential investors. She made her pitch each time, to someone with money dressed in ski boots and a down jacket. As the day went by, her pitch grew better, more practiced. Over lunch, she found a taker.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Pitch”

  1. “Here’s the pitch,” the announcer said. The year was 1986 & I was watching a Mets game on TV with my grandfather in his living room. I was nine & my grandmother was dying of cancer in the other room. My grandfather had a glass of jug wine & a cigarette in one hand…his other hand was on my inner thigh.

    “And it’s a line drive,” the announcer yelled (way too excited about that, I thought) as my grandfather’s hand inched up my thigh.

  2. Evolution and metaphorical language both appeal to me. Why? Both exemplify movement and change. Neither represents stasis or tranquility. The word “pitch” is a great example. In today’s world so often a newly evolved field of human activity demands new language because life has gone out of the old. Also our imaginations have become more important in the reasoning process. Think about it. A long while ago, before marketing, branding, sales activities became the be-all of USA life, the word “pitch” denoted something belonging to sports, music or nature. Now… .

  3. It was raining again.
    “It is monsoon. What else did you expect ?” He was trying to be optimistic . Always annoyingly positive . Our league match was to be held in a couple of days . After gathering all players , cajoling them to come this far , the skies open up. What do you do ? I sat gloomily staring at the pitch getting beaten up by furious raindrops and steadily changing into a rectangle of bubbling muddy slush, amid the lush green of the rest of the field.
    The raindrops beat a relentless rhythm on the asbestos roof. It was normally impossible to sit like this on a hot sunny day. The asbestos would radiate solar heat inside , and the metal chairs ready to bake lazy butts. The stands would be shimmering . But today , the rain made everything cool and the roof was welcome , so were the chairs , with rusty angles poking out of its ancient ,worn carcass.
    A small girl in a tiny frock ran upto the pitch. She was dancing in the rain , barefoot.

  4. She was frightened to death when she heard the intruder break through the French doors on the ground floor of her home. Her heart was beating like a drum. She became tensely alert. Her body trembled. Slowly she go up off of her bed reaching for her small nightstand flashlight. “I’m going to have to do this. I’ll be okay if I can do this. I will do it.” She tiptoed over to the window behind her rocking chair. The moon had lit the back yard and she could see the dark outlines of shrubs and trees. “Could there be someone else waiting out there hidden behind a shrub?” Cautiously she opened the window all the way and, as she heard the intruder stepping on the wood floorboards downstairs and opening furniture drawers searching for something, she forced herself to crawl out the window onto the steeply pitched slate roof. Some fallen leaves had made the slate even more slippery. The pitch of the roof was such that it was difficult to move around without sliding down lower. She couldn’t believe that she would be able to escape this way. “Please God help me do this. Don’t let me fall.”

  5. It was the end of a long hot day of car hunting, looking for the perfect vehicle at the right price. Dealership after Dealership the salesperson would give their pitch. It turned me off. I ended up buying a car off Craig’s List where the only pitch as a quiet visual.

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