The Written Word

I used to be enamored with the beauty of the written word. As I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of clear meaning. The beauty of a well-told story no matter how beautiful the writing. I think it has to do with my attention span growing shorter.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “The Written Word”

  1. The written word is a tool in the hands of a laborer, a marketer. The wrltten word is an extension of an artist’s and lover’s heart or soul. The written word is a conveyance making communication possible. The written word is essential in business or finance. The written word can make or break relationships. The written word is powerful, whether it carries truth, deceit or venom; whether it calms or incites; whether it serves or commands. The written word should be respected and valued..

  2. Fro time immemorial , people have been enamoured of the written word .
    The dictum , the statement , the rule , the verdict, the noose , the sword.
    Written word signifies authority and knowledge ,
    gravitas , final say and sharp as razor’s edge
    As time went by , and more and more people became lettered,
    and thereby consequently unfettered,
    The Written Word learnt to let down its hair
    and let froth of mirth lighten its flair
    The lion in its den , the tiger in its lair
    allowed , in open to be held , gay fair(s)
    The letter , that in the past , provoked wars
    has learnt today to speak of movie stars
    from skies to science , from arts to story(s)
    tales of valour, guts and glory
    All are written , read and retold
    on paper and ink, printed bold

  3. Have you ever been given information and wondered is it true? I tell my students when writing a paper reference your information with an end-note. There is nothing quite reassuring to the reader as finding the answer in the written word.

  4. The written word, unlike other forms of expression, has always been given primacy by scholars. It is powerful. We not only can go back in time but can use our imaginations visualizing what the written word is attempting to tell us. We can use it to spread awareness of anything we wish. It has no boundaries. It tells about the past, present, and future. The written word is a spectacular form of sharing thoughts and feelings on any subject. Imagine the world without benefit of the written word.

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