Good morning

A log cabin behind her, the forest before her, she said, “Good morning,” to the world around her. The piney scent of the air, the chill against her skin, the warm mug in her hands, and the knowledge that she was alone and no one knew where she was made it more than a good morning. “It’s a great day!” she shouted to the trees.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Good morning”

  1. As with everything else the greeting, “‘Good morning” holds many meanings. It could be a wish, a greeting, a comment, a description, a contradiction in terms, an expression of emotion…. The list goes on and on. Normally “good morning” states the obvious, the literal. But we certainly don’t live in normal times and metaphor rules; context governs relationships and intent. .

  2. Ah, another good morning! Each day he woke up surprised that he had survived another restlessness night’s sleep. He was never one to bemoan his discomfort at not being able to sleep the night through peacefully. Instead he felt that he came up with his most creative thoughts during the night. He would fitfully dream and wake up with the events of the dream still fresh in his mind. Then he would reach over to get his pad and pen to write whatever thoughts he had so that they wouldn’t be forgotten in the morning. And each morning, regardless of the time of year or the type of weather, he would wake up thinking, “another good morning.” Then he would pour his hot cup of strong coffee and sit at his desk writing like mad. His morning’s were filled with motivation to get his thoughts down on paper thoroughly. He credited his restless sleeping habits with his never experiencing writers’ block. Luckily, all his morning were good mornings.

  3. A huge flock of parrots kept babbling in the leafy keekar tree , so that heralded a good morning . My grandmother said cawing of mama crows and mewling of fledglings heralded visitors, but what about parrots? What did they signify ?
    Chaos , or more.He thought darkly , as he stood sipping his coffee in the balcony .
    There was another species of birds making the sounds of a chain saw.
    The air smelt of rain and hope . He smiled and leaned on the low wall. A sleepless night did not mean end of existence ,did it ?

  4. Cock-a-doodle-do she heard as she slowly opened her eyes. Again, this time a louder cock-a-doodle-do. It took a few moments to get her bearings where she was and why she was reclining with her head against a cold wall rather than in her bed. She remembered the last time she flew to Hawaii the rooster call two hours before landing awaking the passengers to the start of their day. Something she thought you would expect on a farm and not a plan. Opening the window shade she saw the first glimpse of dawn but quickly turned around when she heard a voice , “Good Morning, coffee with cream or sugar or both.?”

  5. I consider that being able to get out of bed in the morning will constitute a good morning. It’s another opportunity for giving thanks for being given another day to enjoy, be it rain or shine.

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