Carolina in the Morning

“I guess it was that tux I wore to MC cousin George’s retirement party that attracted Carolina’s attention. She went into my party to dance with me and took me to her party to dance with her – just two single women who needed someone to dance with. I was surprised (and delighted) when, before I could even ask her out on a date, she invited me to her room to share a bottle of purloined wine. Although we never got round to opening the wine, I stayed until morning.”

“Do you still have the tux, grannie? Did you look really good in it?”

“It was a rented tux. But your Nana, now she looked amazing. She had on a shiny blue dress with a slit up the side. Whew, that was some dress.”

“Ah, grannie, it was love at first sight.”

“Yes. Yes it was.”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Carolina in the Morning”

  1. As they headed down south years ago for the first time it was a very long, long car ride on a boring major interstate all the way from the Northeast down to Carolina. The reason they were taking this trip was that one of the cousins who had been going to college down south met a fella. Long story short: the young lovers were getting married. All of the family packed up and made haste to get away from the cold autumn weather. When they arrived it was an eye-opening experience for all of them because they had never traveled that far south. It was quite beautiful with warm temps, morning glories, butterflies, and folks with a lovely southern drawl when they spoke. The pace of life was so much easier to manage. Time for everything. The air had a lazy hazy scent. Moss hung down gracefully from trees. Old architecture delighted the eye. This was going to be a fun experience.

  2. My family used to spend the last two weeks of August way down Carolina…Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to be exact. We’d make the long drive down from Brooklyn, my father, maternal grandfather, & mother in the front seat of the old Cutlass Supreme, my two sisters & I wedged in the back with the luggage. We drove all night for some reason, arriving in Carolina sometime in the morning.

    One year there was a hurricane & we had to cut our vacation short. The beach town of Myrtle Beach was boarded up in front of our eyes & people evacuated. With the wind howling, my father announced we were going back to Brooklyn. That was the morning we drove out of Carolina like bats out of hell, the hurricane chasing us up the coast.

  3. Carolina in the morning yes! ! For me that is North Carolina, high in the Smoky Mountains. Each morning I stand on the deck of my log cabin to greet another day. Today I see the mist lift from the mountains forming a grey like smoke resembling a massive sea suspended in mid air. Add to that the sun slowly creeping upon the horizon illuminating the sky and bouncing off the mist in a myriad of color. Beyond awesome I think, taking a sip of my coffee while devouring the scene before me.

  4. Salt and fish and sand
    gritting on plank floors
    and old men in faded jeans
    watching lines in the water
    and herons diving
    from pier to waves to old boats
    listing in dunes, unused
    since anyone can remember
    and the sun, red red red
    streaming across
    Carolina in the morning

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