Hot Pursuit

The cat vaulted from the back of the couch into the venetian blinds. He leapt across the room toward the glass doors, then he tried a few high jumps in the middle of the kitchen. The kitchen counter, the kitchen sink, atop the fridge, then down and back to the window behind the couch. Such hot pursuit could only mean a fly had wandered into the house.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Hot Pursuit”

  1. I rolled up the New York Sunday Times and swatted wildly at the empty air, in hot pursuit of the mosquito that had the audacity to invade my house. I couldn’t SEE the bastard but I heard it, buzzing by my ear. “Land on something, I dare you,” I said thickly. I thought I saw it land on the big nectarine in the fruit bowl, so I slammed down the rolled up newspaper, making a big mess. At that exact moment, my sister came in & said, “What the fuck’re you doing?”

    “I got the mosquito,” I said calmly.

  2. The idiom “hot pursuit” conjures up the scenes deemed essential in the making of a novel, TV series, and/or movie revolving around criminals and catching them. The same is true of spy or a portrayal of war . The visual metaphor for “hot pursuit” is the only change in the context. Will we view a car chase, foot race, journey though cities and or mountains, air flights, rail or metro rides, smart phone, sat-nav or GPS supported trails and so on, You get it. A rose is a rose and hot pursuit is hot pursuit no matter how it’s clothed. The biggest difference comes at the end: violence or not?

  3. The most amazing car chase in the history of Hollywood films is the one performed with the 1968 Mustang in the dramatic thriller movie, Bullitt starring Steve McQueen—one of my all time favorite actors. This film is notable for its car chase scene through the streets of San Francisco where the character of McQueen goes in hot pursuit after a Dodge Charger occupied by the hit men Mc Queen has been searching for who are fleeing from him. In the end, the Mustang forces the Charger off the road and into a gas station where an explosion takes care of ending the lives of the hit men. Totally action-packed!

  4. The bus honks and slowly moves away , even as it sees a small white skirted figure running in hot pursuit , satchel thumping , bottle flying.
    The bus stops at the next stop.
    The breathless , blue-in-face girl catches up . Her freshly polished shoes are dusty from all that running , and a small patch of moisture appears on her hip , where the water bottle has leaked and wet her uniform.
    Few gulps of water later, she finds her voice .
    High pitched cries of “Why didn’t you stop ,bhaiyya ?” rent the bus-air .
    Most of the crowd loves a good argument . They slide sideways to get a good view . Few studious types , polishing up on mole -concept for the morning test, cringe and hide behind their thick registers.

  5. It was a very hot humid day. Almost too hot to take a walk but she did anyway. I watched from the top floor of my Brooklyn Brownstone old lady Morgan take her 1:00 PM constitutional. From across the street I notice a young teenager no more than 14, long hair and pants falling off his waste. He was eyeing old lady Morgan. I thought why does she have to carry that big old pocketbook every time she leaves the house. Sure enough my worst fears imagined he grabbed the bag and ran like hell down the street. I called 911 and no sooner than I hung up I saw a police car in hot pursuit.

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