New Vessels

“Follow me, please.” The after shave soaked man in the suit gestured toward a door. “This room is where you pick a vessel for the remains. We have some beautiful new vessels that will look stunning on a shelf in your home, if you wish to keep the remains near.” He stepped toward a case. “And here you see vessels appropriate for storage in our mausoleum.” He smiled. “Would you like a few minutes to look around?”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “New Vessels”

  1. Dad carefully checked off his list; feed, fingerlings, drugs… “They are here!! Mum sang cheerfully, there was a mad rush for the door. This is understandable; we had waited too long .We all circled the plastic pond that will house our new business. The next day the fingerlings arrived. Excitedly, we fixed the pipe to the new vessels and it filled with water and then we had a shocker.

  2. Marie fell in love with the latest rage, vessel sinks. Vessels here; vessels there; vessels everywhere. She began to see them in restrooms at the Oriental Restaurant, hotels, everywhere she went. Even the word “vessel” conjured in her mind pictures of Egyptian days somehow. She was a true Egyptologist and loved all things Egypt. Finally, she decided to buy a vessel sink because she saw a beautiful greenish-blue bowl with a golden koi design. It appeared as though the koi was swimming languidly around the bowl. Did she ever give a thought to how this style of sink would need to be installed? Of course not! I won’t go into the detail of that story but it is a good one. Let’s say one with a huge learning curve. But then again: the vessel sink was curved. And gorgeous. Truly worth the effort it took to install it.

  3. “It’s a top of the line vessel,” the boat salesman assured Tony, “brand new & state of the art. You can take it out yourself if you like.”

    “And the…amenities?” Tony asked.

    “Below deck you have the Captain’s suite, with king bed, flat screen TV, DVD, & stereo with surround sound. Fully stocked galley kitchen, & off the kitchen are two smaller bedrooms for any crew members, should you take her out with a crew.”

    “Yeah,” Tony grinned, “I’ll take it.”

    Later that afternoon, Tony called Elena & said, “I bought a boat…no, for US, honey, so we don’t have to be always meeting at motels. Yup, a place that’s just for the two of us.”

  4. If you’re enamored of marketing as I am, you probably also notice new vessels for products whether they themselves are new or old. Everything today seems to be housed in new “garments”, including cookies and other same ol’, same ol’ products. Packaging is the new normal in product promotion. Question: do new vessels really signal a new era?.

  5. She had dragged him reluctantly , to the bazaar, to buy a new vessel . An urn , or a “ghara” as she insisted on calling it , to hold her ashes , after she had died, was cremated , and had truly “turned to dust” , as she would philosophise.
    He was jet-lagged , flabbergasted and a tad disgusted . How could any one living , shop for one’s afterlife?
    It was sickening . He thought of Gita , that talked of new vessels for old souls , changing bodies , as we change our clothes . He was born and brought up in the US,and found this rebirth and afterlife theory bunkum . At the same time , the ancient vedic philosophy , humming in his genes , wouldn’t let him rest in peace .

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